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Geda emerging markets hoist makes first appearance
Geda’s latest personnel and material hoist, the SBL 2000, designed for markets outside Europe, has been used for the first time on a construction site, in India
Enter the ALH M20
The M20 ranks North American operations that rent mast climbing work platforms by total number of drives in a company’s fleet
Alimak hoist launch
Alimak Hek is introducing two upgraded construction hoist models at Bauma China, among a range of other products
Alimak order from Bigge
Bigge, one of the biggest crane rental companies in the US, has invested in hoists from Alimak Hek in a SEK16.5 million (US$2 million) deal
Raxtar establishes U.S. headquarters
Netherlands-based hoist and mast climbing equipment manufacturer Raxtar has officially established itself in the United States
Goian ceases to exist under Jaso
Jaso Group has dropped the longstanding name of its mast climber and hoist division Goian to become Jaso Elevation Systems, and launched a 300 m height hoist
Pega appoints Nova for the UK
NLC Nova Lift has become exclusive distributor for rack and pinion hoist and industrial lift manufacturer Pega Hoist in the UK
India sales for Alimak
Alimak Hek has received two orders from India for construction elevators with a total order value of SEK 21 million (US$ 2.5 million). Delivery is set for the second quarter
Oil & gas order for Alimak
Alimak Group has received a SK11 million ($1.3 million) order in the Middle East for industrial elevators, set for delivery during the first and second quarters of 2016
Geda powers up in Siberia
Eight mast climbers and two personnel and material lifts from Geda are being used at the Yamal LNG project at the Yuzhno-Tambeyskoye gas field in Sibera
Tower crane lift launch from Alimak
Alimak Hek has officially introduced the Alimak TCL tower crane lift, designed for fast installation on a range of tower crane brands
Pompidou positioning from XL
XL France installed a hoist through the architecture of the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France, to reach the roof which was being refurbished.
Tall Crane multi-million Alimak order
Alimak Group has received a SEK 9 million order in Canada for construction hoists to be delivered during the third and fourth quarter of 2015
Safi elevates in Chernobyl
Italian-based Safi has been awarded a contract to build a special industrial elevator for use at the Chernobyl nuclear reactor ahead of its dismantling
Lavendon Group brings Africa to the UK
Powered access company announces partnership with the Zoological Society of London to raise funds for wildlife conservation
Maber to open new factory
Italian hoist manufacturer Maber has announced plans to move to a new 6000 square metre factory between Vicenza and Treviso in Italy. Production will start 1 January 2016
Alimak hoists head to Australia
The order includes four mid- and high-speed twin elevator hoists, ordered by Lendlease, for work at 90 m to 140 m
Geda supplies lifts in Azerbaijan
Eight Geda 2 PK crane operator hoists are playing their part in the construction of the National Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan
XL hoist for tower cranes
French mast climber specialist XL is launching the X-Up 200; a rack and pinion hoist specifically designed for tower crane access
Vertical endeavors
Mast-climbing equipment continues to gain traction within the industry. ALH and AI take a look at recent projects and news
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