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COBO launches division for sensors
Products will include anti-collision devices and inclinometers
Interview: MEWP components - changes and challenges
AI speaks with Cobo’s chief business development officer Stefano Scapin 
Curtiss-Wright launches new AWP joystick
The JC4000 employs a long-life bearing system and non-contacting, Hall-effect sensing technology to achieve an impressive lifespan of over six million operating cycles
MOBA launches new modular operating unit
German controls manufacturer Mobile Automation AG (MOBA) has introduced a new range of modular operating units designed for mobile applications such as aerial work platforms.
APEM launches new pushbutton switch
US equipment manufacturer introduces new IH Hall Effect pushbutton switch.
New multifunctional handle from Penny + Giles
UK designer and manufacturer Penny + Giles has introduced a new multifunctional handle/grip for its JC8000, JC6000 and JC1500 ranges of rugged joystick controllers.
Compact heavy duty joystick from Penny + Giles
Part of the Curtis-Wright Controls group, Penny + Giles has introduced the a new heavy-duty electronic joystick controller JC8000, that encompasses a number of high-strength features to make it suitable for applications in physically demanding working conditions such as skid steer loader controls or where operators traditionally use hydraulic joysticks.
EPD optimises efficiency
Merlo's EPD (EcoPowerDrive) is a new electronic control system, which combines management of the hydrostatic transmission and the diesel engine. The system is designed to optimise the overall efficiency of the machine in terms of consumption, performance, and noise.
New Hirschmann rotary encoder
Hirschmann's new gSENS DWG 20 rotary encoder uses optical sensors to break down one revolution of a shaft, of a hoist or slew drive unit, for example, into 8192 increments.
Inputs and outputs
Axiomatic Technologies has two new devices for the machine/controller interfaces of access equipment.
Sauer-Danfoss expands controller and pump lines
Germany/US-based Sauer-Danfoss added a larger, general-purpose micro-controller, the MC088-015-00000, to its Plus+1 product line late last year. The controller has 42 inputs, 32 outputs, and two CAN 2.0B ports, expanding the line beyond the previously largest 50-pin model.
Control types
There are three ways to move the spool, cartridge, or slider within a hydraulic control valve to affect the flow through it: