A full guide to access equipment at Bauma

It is building up to be an exciting Bauma this year with dozens of interesting and brand new products on show from the access sector.

GSR E170TJV on Mercedes 517 CDI van GSR’s E170TJV on Mercedes 517 CDI van. (Photo: GSR)

While a significant number of major European and North American access equipment manufacturers have pulled out of the first Bauma since the start of the Covid pandemic, including JLG, Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte, Snorkel and Niftylift, the leading Chinese access equipment manufacturers will all be at the show.

And, as can be seen from the exhibitor list of access equipment-related OEMs in this feature, the majority of the access industry based in Europe will be at the show too.

With so much news from those OEMs that have sent in details of what they will present at Bauma, there has not been enough space to include everything here.

See the Bauma Stop press feature in the forthcoming October issue of AI for further product information, including news from major French boom lift and telehandler manufacturer Manitou, which will be at the show.

There is also a Bauma preview in the previously published July-August issue of AI.

A list of access industry companies that will exhibitor at Bauma 2022
What Chinese manufacturers are bringing to Bauma

As has already been discussed, Bauma will be an important setting for the Chinese access manufacturers, with most of the major scissor and boom lift OEMs from Europe choosing not to attend.

There has been a keen emphasis on electric products of late from the Chinese manufacturers, not least from LGMG, which in 2022, has electrified its full range of lithium battery-powered aerial platforms.

In the first half of year, LGMG launched four rough terrain electric telescopic boom lifts in export markets; the T20JE, T22JE, T26JE and T28JE, from 21.8m to 29.8m working height and with outreaches of 16.6m, 17m, 22.3m and 22.5m, respectively.

LGMG’s first telehandler, the H1840. LGMG’s first telehandler, the H1840. (Photo: LGMG)

They offer a 300kg (unrestricted) and 450kg (restricted) dual capacity design. All are equipped with a 2.44m triple-entry gate as standard.

They will be on show with LGMG’s first telehandler, the H1840. The H1840, equipped with Euro V Perkins engine, has strong four-wheel drive capabilities. Its three steering modes and automatic levelling is designed for difficult working conditions.

The manufacturer’s electric articulated boom lifts A09JE and A13JE, with working heights of 11m and 15m, and capacities of 200kg and 230kg, with a horizontal outreaches of 6.25m and 7.46m, will be there too, with options of lead-acid batteries or lithium batteries.

Joining those will be a new crawler scissor, the SC0407E that will be unveiled at Bauma, following its launch in Japan in May.

The working height is 6.5m, the capacity is 200kg, with extension platform capacity of 115kg, and an overall weight of 800kg.

LGMG will also display two vertical mast models, the M0407TE and M0810JE. The M0407TE is a small mast lift with a working height of 5.7m and weight of 835kg, while the 10m working height M0810JE weighs 2,750kg.

Three lithium-powered RT lifts will be launched on the Zoomlion stand. They are the articulated ZA16JERT-Li and ZA20JERT-Li, alongside the ZT58J ultra-telescopic boom lift.

Zoomlion expanded its range of articulating boom lifts into rough terrain electric models in January, with the lithium-powered ZA16JERT-Li and ZA20JERT-Li.

The articulating boom lifts offer working heights from 17.8m to 21.38m with horizontal outreach of 9.72m for the ZA16JERT-Li, and 12.1m for ZA20JERT-Li.

They offer up-and-over capability of 8m and 8.25, respectively. Equipped with AC electric drive, the booms have strong rough terrainability with zero-emissions. Common features also include 250kg platform capacity and 24° gradeability.

It means the company now provides articulating booms ranging from 14m to 32m diesel power, 10m, 14m, and 20m with electric power, and 16m and 20m RT electric models.

Zoomlion ZT58J Ultra telescopic boom lift Zoomlion ZT58J Ultra telescopic boom lift. (PHOTO: Zoomlion)

The ZT58J ultra telescopic boom lift boosts 58.8m working height and horizontal outreach up to 25.5m, and dual platform capacity of 300/454kg unrestricted and restricted.

Its 24 degree maximum gradeability and durable four-wheel drive provide operators with easy travel in rough terrain. Equipped with telescopic jib offering of -55° to +70° for extra reach, the unit provides a wide operating range.

The ZT58J expands Zoomlion’s diesel-powered range of ultra telescopic boom lifts, after the launch of the ZT42J in 2020 and ZT68J in 2021.

The company’s telescopic boom family now ranges from 20m to 68m for diesel power, 22m and 26m for electric power.

Dingli will return to the exhibition in 2022 with more than ten models across a range of new series. 

The Dingli BT44RT in transport configuration The Dingli BT44RT in travel configuration. (Photo: Dingli)

They include, the High Metre Modular Boom Series, offering nine models covering 36m, 41m and 44m working height, in electric, diesel and hybrid options.

Another is the Hybrid Modular Boom Series; equipped with 80V420Ah lithium battery pack and build-in universal range extender combustion engine.

The manufacturer’s oil-free and all-electric series, offers working heights of 5m-16m and maximum load of 230-450kg.

In addition to these products mentioned, the company will also present a large electric rough terrain scissor with a maximum working height of 32m and a maximum load of 1,000kg. Finally, the AC scissors will also be there.

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Vehicle mounted aerial platforms

Vehicle mounts will be well represented at the show by Ruthmann and Versalift, both being on the same stand, following Versalift parent company Time Manufacturing’s acquisition in February 2021 of Ruthmann, which is also a longstanding distributor of Versalift.

The STEIGER T 330 XS Hybrid from Ruthmann The STEIGER T 330 XS Hybrid from Ruthmann (PHOTO: Ruthmann)

Ruthmann is showing the new 3.5 tonne Steiger T 300 XS Hybrid for the first time. The truck-mounted platform with an extra short design (XS) offers 30m working height and a maximum outreach of 23m. (See the News, page 6).

The latest developments in tracked platforms will also be on the Ruthmann stand in the form of the hybrid version of the Bluelift ST 31, which will be available to test drive.

The platform offers 31m working height and up to 18m outreach, with a basket load of 400kg.

Ruthmann’s new Technology Connect (RTC) will also be demonstrated live at the show on the 70m Steiger T 700 HF.

The Versalift on VTX-240 sprinter. The Versalift on VTX-240 sprinter. (Photo: Versalift)

Among Versalift’s range at the show will be the new VTX-240 G3, with an impressive working height of 24m and a reach of 12.5m, which facilitates roof maintenance thanks to its up and down movement.

Recently, France Elevatuer was also acquired by Time Manufactuing. Visitors will find the innovations of the French access platform manufacturer at the Versalift/Ruthmann booth.

The compact vehicle mounted Topy is France Elévateur’s core product.

It was first launched in 1998, and has recently been updated with new technology and as a hybrid version, which will be on display at Bauma.

The Movex ATL 15 on a 4x4 Ford Ranger. The Movex ATL 15 on a 4x4 Ford Ranger. (Photo: Movex)

From Spanish vehicle mount manufacturer Movex, which was acquired by France Elévateur last year and now joins the Time family too, comes the new ATL 15 on a 4x4 Ford Ranger.

It will be on display for the first time, together with other models, such as the TLR 16.

Palfinger is tackling climate change, with its growing range of products aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and noise, by offering electric solutions.

As a major part of its Bauma stand, the company is presenting a range of what is describes as pioneering eco-efficient solutions for the e-mobility industry.

As a specialist in articulating loader cranes, many of its latest products will be related to this.

The Palfinger P250BK The Palfinger P250BK will be an emission-free option on Palfinger’s stand. (Photo: Palfinger)

However, the Palfinger Platforms division will be represented by two emission-free models, the P 250 BK and P 280 CK, along with battery Power Pack options that can be retrofitted to existing vehicle mounteds.

Italy-based GSR will show a range of its latest vehicle mounts, including its double-articulated aerial platforms, designed to be versatile and fit on different vehicles, while offering the capability of being customised.

On the stand will be the B180T Comfort XEV on Mercedes Sprinter chassis.

The manufacturer says it offers top performances with great attention to detail, alongside a useful residual capacity and automatic functions making it suitable for easy and fast working.

GSR’s E170TJV on Mercedes 517 CDI van (pictured above) will also be at the show.

Designed to be simple to use, it is reliable and robust and has low maintenance costs, which makes it a good choice for utility-related applications.

There will be no new product launches from fellow Italian producer Multitel Pagliero, but its newest model, the MTE 230 Hybrid, will be on the stand.

It is mounted on a 3.5 tonne truck, with maximum working height of 23m making it one of the highest reaching hybrids in its class.

The electrical system is run by a 48 V lithium battery pack that guarantees eight hours of work on the standard cycle and a highly efficient synchronous electric motor.

Spider lifts at Bauma 2022

Palazzani promises to reveal the largest spider lift in the world at Bauma. No further details are available yet but be sure to visit the Italian manufacturer’s stand.

Also launching at the show will be the new Ragno TSJ 35.1 ECO/lithium model.

Already available on crawlers with bi-energy (diesel+AC), the unit appearing in Munich will be the full green Eco power option (AC+lithium battery) for applications requiring zero environmental impact.

Designed to replace the former TSJ 35, the new spider lift is already in production and offers 35m working height with 15m outreach, and is just 2m high in transfer configuration, for passing through a standard door.

The Ragno TSJ 35.1 ECO/lithium model. The Ragno TSJ 35.1 ECO/lithium model. (Photo: Palazzani)

The new TSJ 35.1 includes the lastest generation CAN BUS system with safety redundancies and a modern design.

As with all Palazzani spiders, the unit offers an automatic, simple and quick set-up, thanks to the simultaneous lowering and the synchronized articulation of the feet, with the ability to self-load on to a truck and set-up on up to 38% gradeability, thanks to the optional extendable outriggers.

It has dual basket capacities of 120kg and 230kg depending on the working area.

The boom sections are made of structural Sternx high resistant and light steel for maximum rigidity. The hexagonal profile of the boom offers an optimized distribution of forces.

The design of the platform grants good outreach and it is equipped with an automatic limiting system to simplify operations and provide turret rotation over 660°.

Leguan Lifts will unveil its largest spider lift to date, specifically designed for outdoor work and challenging terrains.

The new Leguan will feature faster boom hydraulics and a higher working height compared to previous models. The new and unrivaled up-and-over and side reach is designed to especially match the demands of the tree care market.

In addition to the enormous working envelope, all the hydraulic hoses and components are protected inside the new boom construction, and the chassis is steel reinforced to enable work in even the roughest terrains.

It can also be towed with the special-made 3.5 tonne trailer that will be available in the European market. Fnd out more at the show.

Mast climbers and hoists

Hoist manufacturers are also getting together at the show, with France based XE exhibiting alongside Fraco and Torgar on the same booth.

The XE5 top-down hoist from XL. The XE5 top-down hoist from XL. (Photo: XE)

They will have a range of innovations on show. From XE comes the XE5 Top-Down Hoist for underground access.

It can be suspended and operational from day one as excavation works begin. It provides continuous access to the bottom of a shaft as it is being sunk.

Features include the ability to erect the mast sections from inside the car, landing on pit level for continuous access, a minimal footprint enabling installation in dense area, and a modular car for 5 or 10 passengers.

XE will also show the LL2500 Formwork Hoist, which sits independently from the crane and is flexible thanks to adjustable landings and cantilever adjustment.

Lastly from XE comes the XE6 construction hoist, which has a one size 3.5m long car fitted with door modules and features a 3.2m C-door, two settings for capacity and speed: 2500kg, 42m/min and 2000kg, 52m/min, along with remote maintenance access and reversible car. It can be mounted in twin configuration.

From Torgar will be the PL-20 EXT Transport platform, winner of the IAPA 2022 product award and a robust and versatile heavy-duty platform, with safe working load of 2 tonnes and cabin length up to 4.4m.

It is joined by the PW-18 MCWP, offering a 35.1m maximum length in twin configuration.

Torgar PL-20 transport platform Torgar’s recently launched PL-20 EXT 2V transport platform. (Photo: Torgar)

Made of high-quality steel and hot dipped galvanized for robustness, it is adaptable to all sorts of projects with special extensions and double stacking configurations. Loadings are 2,000kg – 3,900kg in single or twin configurations.

Torgar’s PL-05 transport platform, with a 500kg capacity, is compact and ideal for scaffold and refurbishment projects. It has a 2-speed system, long with versatility of cabin and landing door.

See the Construction hoist feature in this issue of AI for more information about related products.

SAEclimber is now focused on its large range of machines, with 3 to 4 tonne capacity per car, and big cages of 3.2m to 5.5m car lengths. The E30 and E40 started to be delivered in January for the US and UK market.

By using the company’s new big Mast G 650 x 650 and three powerful motors per drive unit, they can compete in the top range of the market.

They have smooth opening and closing doors made of alumium. An aluminium 3m wide C door is also provided.

Saeclimber P40 TRIMAST Saeclimber P40 TRIMAST

New on the SAEclimber stand is the P40 S mast climber.

This new upgraded version of the best selling P40 was launched this year and is totally compatible with the P40, but has a higher payload and more features thanks to the increased size and performances of the new drive unit.

Furthermore, some other accessories are available both for P40S and P40 such as the Triple Mast facility, Twin deck configuration - two mast climbers running independently.

Monorail equipment is also available as is an up to 4m long wall extension.

Maber’s twin mast transport platform/material hoist The Maber MBC50 twin mast transport platform/material hoist. (Photo: Maber)

Maber’s new construction hoist is the 2,000kg capacity MBA2000-EU that will be on shown as will as a new single and twin construction hoist of 2,000kg capacity.

(See the Construction hoist feature in this issue).

In addition, Maber will also display its 5 tonne twin-mast transport platform and material hoist, currently the biggest in the market with 5,000kg payload and platform up to 3.2m x 6.4m.

It is equipped with the Maber monitoring system and has a modular platform that can split the twin into two singles.

Battery charging technology for access equipment

Delta-Q Technologies will be representing charging capabilities with its latest three-in-one battery charger, the XV3300.

Built for light electric on-road vehicles and non-road mobile machinery, its design combines a high-performance 3.3kW charger, a 500W DC-DC converter, and an EV charging station interface; tightly integrated into a compact, power-dense package.

The XV3300 features intelligent charging algorithms that are suited for battery packs of various chemistries and voltages that maximise battery life and optimise charge time.

Delta Q XV3300 three-in-one battery charger Delta-Q’s three-in-one battery charger, the XV3300. (Photo: Delta-Q)

Its integrated 500W DC-DC converter provides auxiliary power to operate a range of vehicle accessories, including air-conditioners, controllers, lights, turn-signals, navigation, and communication devices.

The charging system also eliminates the need for an external DC-DC converter, saving OEMs and equipment operators space and costs.

The XV3300’s EV charging station interface complies with SAE J1772 (levels 1 and 2) and IEC 61851 (modes 2 and 3) to charge from standard charging stations in North America and Europe.

Batteries for MEWPs

Briggs & Stratton is showing an expanded Vanguard battery offering, in the form of the 48V 1.5kWh Swappable Lithium-Ion Commercial Battery.

The Swappable battery enables users to easily move between applications on the jobsite.

The 1.5kW Swappable Lithium-Ion battery from Briggs & Stratton. The Vanguard 1.5kW Swappable Lithium-Ion battery. (Photo: Briggs & Stratton)

With the ability to be used in parallel of up to 10 batteries depending on the machines power requirements, the Swappable battery is ideal for those in the rental industry which may be renting multiple applications with each machine having different power needs.

The battery latches into place when housed in its secure holding where it has been carefully designed to remain in place with minimal movement regardless of the terrain.


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