Access equipment at Bauma 2022 - full review

25 November 2022

Crowds arrive at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany. Crowds arrive at Bauma 2022 in Munich, Germany. (Photo: KHL)

Unlike in previous years, there was a great deal of uncertainty leading up to the 2022 edition of Bauma.

In the earlier part of the year there was great concern that the pandemic might prevent the show from going ahead.

Following its postponement to a new October date as a result of Covid-19, this was accompanied by a growing view - which arose during the months of lockdown in Europe - that the traditional trade show format might have had its day and was no longer relevant.

It was therefore no wonder the world - and the exhibitors set to attend the show - were holding their breath and wondering how the world’s largest construction exhibition, held in Munich, Germany, would fair after an absense of three and a half years.

Bauma visitor numbers

JLG access equipment on show at Bauma 2022 JLG exhibited at Bauma, despite announcing that it wasn’t planning to attend Bauma 2022. (Photo: KHL)

Despite apprehension, and the confirmation that manufacturers such as Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte, Snorkel and Niftylift would not attend due to lack of available equipment as a result of the supply chain crisis, visitor numbers for Bauma remained high.

The attendance figures of almost 500,000 from show organiser Messe Münche demonstrate that while down on the more than 625,000 visitors in 2019, the show still has pulling power.

And, despite some manufacturers deciding to review participation in 2025, the message from a majority at the show this year was that it had been a success, with many saying that Bauma is a ‘must attend’ exhibition, and that they would return again.

One such manufacturer in attendance, JLG, which initially announced it would not attend, presented new products with its partner Hinowa.

It launched the renewed version of its electric, lithium battery-powered EC Series, with two new models. 

Joining JLG were several other major Chinese manufacturers of access equipment, notably Dingli, Sinoboom, XCMG, LGMG and Zoomlion, which have major MEWP sales in their domestic market. 

As always, there were plenty of product launches at the show, along with product sales announcements and some new distributor agreements.

Here, Access International looks at the launches and announcements that were revealed at Bauma 2022.

What electric machinery was on show at Bauma?

Manitou Electric Oxygen range at Bauma. Manitou has dramatically expanded its Electric Oxygen. (Photo: KHL)

A firm message across the showground, and not just from the access manufacturers, is that 100% electric access machines are the future, even if there is no fixed date on exactly when.

However, that did not stop most of the manufacturers from launching or focusing on battery-powered products.

Manitou was making a splash at the show with a range of additions to its electric Oxygen range, including boom lifts and telehandlers.

The French manufacturer launched a range of new products, including two additions to its electric articulated boom series, with 16m and 18m models to add to the existing 20m working height 200 ATJ e.

The company has also introduced a safety pack with a number of features, including sensors, lights and a system to show the harness clip is attached to the machine.

All of the articulating booms are currently powered by lead acid batteries and there is also an early attachable combustion engine range extender that can be attached in 15 minutes. The company also premiered its new electric telehandlers models.

Hybrid spider lift
The Sinoboom SPA33HJ spider The Sinoboom SPA33HJ spider, under the partnership with Falcon Lifts. (Photo: KHL)

Sinoboom only had electric equipment on its stand, and its European focus is solely on electric machines. 

This was reflected on its stand at Bauma, where rough terrain scissors and booms were on show, and 14 out of 15 products on the stand were 100% electric.

The only exception was the spider lift on Sinoboom’s stand. The company has agreed a partnership with Danish spider specialist Falcon Lifts, that will see the company increase and develop spider sales.

The hybrid SPA33HJ spider was on show, which the two companies developed together. 

Airo also chose to only show electric units on its stand, although it does offer diesel MEWPs to the market.

The company was not launching new products but was offering a new option on its RT scissor lifts, namely the addition of stabiliser pads.

The pads can easily travel with the machine using two slots on the side of the unit where the pads can be placed.

Airo supported this with its latest RT scissor lift on show, the 20m working height XL20, which comes in an RTH hybrid version and an RTE full electric version.

The 700kg capacity model can carry up to five people and has a doble extension deck of 1.5m.

With 4WD and 2-wheel steer, the XL20 is driveable at full height and has automatic stabilisation.

Electric and diesel scissors
One of the new Tulip series from Holland Lift at Bauma 2022 One of the new Tulip series from Holland Lift. (Photo: KHL)

On a larger scale Holland Lift has been very active, again in the electric arena with the new Tulip series of scissor lifts.

The two 24m RT scissors are offered as an electric or diesel version.

Some of the features include a maintenance-free pin system, 90 degree steering, rather than four wheel steering, which, as Chris Kochheim, managing director of Holland Lift, told AI, is opposed to four wheel steering, which he says is not safe on rough terrain.

Another important element is the introduction of diagnostics and an in-house developed control system.

While these digital developments are a common theme at Bauma and beyond, they tell an important story about the requirement for remote diagnostics, when it comes to telematics information and saving valuable time in service callouts, particularly as skilled labour is becoming hard to source.

The Holland Lift control panel includes a full display. Another important safety feature is lighting that illuminates when in transport and when lifting.

In the near future, there will be a shorter 21m version with more than 1,000kg capacity. As a result of these launches, Holland Lift now offers a full range of electric scissors from 16m to 24m.

Chinese MEWP market on show at Bauma China-based MEWP manufacturers target European expansion at Bauma

Further updates to the manufacturer’s line is full USA ANSI certification for the 33m narrow unit. The rise in logistics centres in Europe is being followed in the US. As such the Tulip series will also be available in a US spec.

Kochheim said Holland Lift was now working on a US distribution agreement, which it will make public the first half of next year.

This will follow the signing of a new dealer in the Czech Republic in October this year and the company is now looking for a dealer in France and Belgium.

Electric boom lifts

ELS has also been optimising its range, which has grown significantly since it first showed its access equipment at Bauma 2016, then represented by a couple of slab scissor lifts.

The company has said it plans to expand into electric boom lifts, along with extending its range of low level access equipment.

The Turkey-based company had a wide range of equipment on its booth including its scissor series, which it is updating to include AC or DC options in the future.

ELS will be expanding its vertical mast range. ELS will be expanding its vertical mast range. (Photo: KHL)

There will also be a second generation of its general boom lift series, with a new control system as part of the upgrade.

A new vertical mast is also in prototype stage - the 4.5m working height machine is compact and electric and will offer a stock picker attachment.

Dinolift was presenting its first all-electric boom lifts at the event. The lightweight Dino RXTE, with outriggers, is an extension of the Dino RXT Series of lightweight 4x4 booms, with the advantage of silent operation and zero emissions and lower cost of operation.

As with the existing diesel versions, the series includes two models with working height models of 22m an 28m equipped with either an AGM or Li-Ion battery pack.

One of the design principles of the new models was that there would be no loss on drive or boom operation speeds, compared to the diesel machines.

The RXTE has a range of lift functions that can be used at the same, such as operating the outriggers simultaneously while driving is also possible.

The electric motor has a continuous power rating of 15kW while the peak power is 20kW.

Spider lifts

There was a wealth of tracked platforms at the show. Palazzani had the largest spider lift in the world on its stand, in the form of the TT2J 58.

The 58m working height monster is at prototype stage but has some significant temporary specifications, until the full production-ready data is available.

The world’s largest spider lift, from Palazzani. The world’s largest spider lift, from Palazzani. (Photo: KHL)

The unit currently offers an outreach of up to 20m, with three capacity options of 120kg, 230kg and 400kg capacity. The unit can fit 1, 2 or four people in the cage, respectively.

The whole unit weighs less than 17,000kg and has relatively compact dimensions, with a bi-energy and diesel power options.

Currently the winch offers a 500kg capacity but that will rise to 920kg, as is already available on Palazzani’s 52m unit. The boom system is different in that it is double articulated.

The manufacturer is hoping for a 2023 launch and says it will meet demands for equipment of at least 56m to work on telecoms and wind turbines, as well as indoor work in large buildings.

However, Palazzani says the move to even higher spiders won’t be so easy, as once a unit reaches a certain height it may not be classed as true spider lift, due to the requirement to use steel crawlers, among other elements. “Maybe this is the limit,” said the manufacturer.

Electric drive crawler

Tracked platform manufacturer Hinowa marked its 35th anniversary this year with a large single stand.

Among the aerial platforms was the direct electric drive TeleCrawler TC22S spider lift, designed with an unrestricted working range in difficult terrain or in small spaces.

Hinowa was showing a range of innovations Bauma. Hinowa was showing a range of innovations at Bauma. (Photo: KHL)

The model is available with three power units: fully electric; bi-energy; or Kubota diesel engine coupled with a 220V electric motor.

Among the other items on the stand was the new compact Lightlift 18.80 and the Performance IIIS spider with an 18.5m working height and outreach of 7.8m, with a load capacity of 230kg.

Another model on the stand was the Lightlift 40.18 with a working height of 40.2m – another compact unit, considering its working height, with stabilisation area of 537cm x 504cm.

The Lightlift 20.10 MK3 platform, now with bi-energy version and IPM (Interior Permanent Magnetic) motor, was there too, along with the updated Lightlift 26.14 MK2, with the handy Hinowa Go Home feature.

CMC has upgraded the performance of two of its platforms, the S27 and S30.

The two new platforms, both equipped with double lateral outreach plus jib, reach working heights of 27m and 30m respectively - two metres higher than the S25 and S28 models they are replacing.

The outreach, one of the widest in its class, is also increased by 1.4m, making it the largest ever.

Like the other models in the DP (Double Performance) Series, the pair offer an advanced automatic guidance and control system that is advanced in technologically, as well as simple and intuitive to use.

They also offer low weight thanks to high tensile steal and compact dimensions that allow passage through a standard door.

Both have multiple stabilisation areas, managed by CMC’s Self Control System, negative working capability of -6.8m and a lateral outreach of 15.4m even with reduced stabilisation area.

Remote control platforms

Platform Basket announced that it had acquired design company Elma, which specialises in R&D. Six months ago the company moved its research and design to Elma, freeing it up to concentrate on production and effectively create a new division of the head company.

The new Platform Basket compact 15.10. The new Platform Basket compact 15.10. (Photo: KHL)

On the stand was the new 15.10; a compact, easy to use machine, with remote control and self stabilisation, offering one single envelope area that is capable of 220kg capacity in the basket with the model’s double pantograph boom.

The unit is designed to provide excellent up and over capabilities. One section of the pantograph is shorter, meaning that closing of the unit is more compact. It also transports on a standard trailer.

The whole range is now complemented by Platform Basket Telematics system and the Green Concept, with the Green logo, which sees the entire line being offered as hybrid or electric.

While this latter option has already been available, the plan is to optimise the hybrid and electric system.

Another new item on the stand was the update of the company’s 18.90; now named the 18.95. It now has a 230kg capacity, compared to the previous model’s 200kg capacity and has remote control as standard, along with the option of a winch.

Teupen launched the LEO24GT and LEO27GT platforms at Bauma. The 24m and 27m working height machines, respectively, include a transport width of approximately 89cm and a 250kg basket load.

The LEO24GT has a deadweight below 3,000kg and will fit on a 3.5 tonne trailer. Both machines have a lateral outreach of 12.2m and are equipped with basket load sensor and an efficient hydraulic system with a variable pump.

There is a radio remote control, display in the basket and hydraulic height and width adjustable tracks.

Besides standard stabiliser set up, there is an additional one called the church position - both front stabilisers in wide position, both rear stabilisers in narrow position.

Digitally controlled access equipment
The heavy duty 3100RJ spider from Omme Lift. The heavy duty 3100RJ spider from Omme Lift. (Photo: KHL)

Omme launched its 3100RJ spider at the show. It marks the manufacturer’s first full foray into digital controlled access through the next generation wireless unit controlled by a Danfoss system, and providing interactive diagnostics.

New software can be uploaded remotely to the controller.

The controller can be used on the ground or in the basket and can be kept in a secure box built into the back of the machine.

The 31m working height heavy duty wide product is designed for outdoor use and weighs 5,900kg.

However, this is a current weight for the prototype that was displayed and is likely to go down. It also introduces a modular design, meaning that new batteries can easily be swapped, for example.

Easy Lift was showing a range of products at Bauma.

Easy Lift was showing its 53m working height RA53, spider lift. The giant tracked platform is in prototype stage and is available as a diesel or hybrid HY version, with a lithium battery option.

According to the Italian manufacturer one of its French customers will buy the machine once it is ready over the next year or so.

The 53m spider tops the range which previously ran from 13m to 42m. It as 1,000kg winch, which means it can double a crane and a basket capacity of 360kg.

Easylift said it is now thinking of upping the working height again with a 60m model. For more details of that, we will have to wait.

In addition to the RA53, Easy Lift was also presenting hybrid machines at the exhibition, including the diesel and battery R420HY. 

ICM, founded in 1984 and traditionally a manufacturer of truck mounted cranes that moved into the production of excavators, has now moved into spider lifts too, with the launch of two products, branded the Qlift.

They include the 15.8m working height H 160 model and the 22.9m working height H 230. The H160 offers a lateral extension of 9.5m with a single operator in the basket, or 7.6m with two operators.

The H 230 has two work modes, with an outreach of 11.6m, without extending the stabilisers and a single operator in the basket. An outreach of 11.6m is also possible with two persons in the basket, when the stabilisers are in full use.

Vehicle mounts

The electric and hybrid focus was just as keen on the stands of vehicle mount producers at the show. Time manufacturing had a range of products, including those from members Versalift, Ruthmann, France Elevatuer and Movex.

Klubb was showing electric, gas or bi-fuel-powered vehicles mounted with aerial platforms which can work with the vehicle engine off.

Klubb’s new prototype flat bed, made of bamboo composite. Klubb’s new prototype flat bed, made of bamboo composite. (Photo: KHL)

The 11.8m KL26, mounted on a cutaway Renault e-tech and offering 57kW of power; the 10.5m K20L mounted on a 50kWh Peugeot e-expert and the 10.7m KL26 mounted on a Piaggio Porter NP6, was prominent on the stand.

As far as light equipment goes, Klubb revealed the new 13.5m KL38P, with an articulating jib, available on vans, with or without a cutaway.

It will be there in addition to the KL21B, KL26 and KL32, that are already in light versions and offer better payloads.

Visitors also saw the new KT18PZ on a 5 tonne Mercedes Sprinter 5T; a van solution designed for optimum performance with 19m working height and 9.4m offset.

CTE debuted its MP 20 Ev truck mount. The 100% electric truck mount has a 20m working height.

With measurements of 1,598mm width, 5,200mm length and 1,965mm height, and a 3,500kg GVW, the ecarry is the most advanced vehicle of its category, claims the vehicle manufacturer.

Specifications of the platform also include a 13m outreach and 250kg capacity, as well as a telescopic boom, plus jib, using SSAB steel.

There is a ground control console with wireless remote and integrated display for wire-free operations, as well as the basket display with the same features, including integrated display, for easy familiarisation. The unit comes equipped with CTE’s S3 EVO control system.

Fully electric truck mount

Multitel Pagliero is also working on full electric truck mount solutions and is working with Iveco to launch a 100% electric product next year. The model is expected to have 130km driving autonomy.

Multitel has electric product plans. Multitel has electric product plans. (Photo: KHL)

The platform will be driven my a Multitel battery pack, while the 3.5 tonne GVW truck will have its own battery power system.

It will have a 16m working height.

This will then be followed by a second versions on a 4.5 tonne truck that will still be able to be driven with a standard European B- licence.

It will be up to 27m working height and the aim is to launch it in the second quarter.

The truck mount manufacturer was not launching any new models at the show, rather showing its latest ones, including the MTE230 Hybrid, with its 48-volt lithium battery and eight hour working autonomy.

However, a new control system was on offer at Bauma. The Eve – Evolved Electronic system includes standard features stabilisation control and complements the manufacturer’s Musa - outreach system.

The company was pointing out its growth over recent years at the show. Turnover in 2022 is expected to reach €155, in comparison to €122 in 2021.

That amounts to the production of 2,200 units this year, compared to 1,725 that were produced last year.

Truck mounted platforms

COMET announced its distributorship cooperation with two companies that will cover areas of Germany.

One is responsible for the whole of Germany for the manufacturer’s spider sales to rental companies, while Uf Gabelstapler will cover the south of the country for end users and utility related customers.

The manufacturer said the activities of both companies would complement each other and they would work together to grow Comet sales in the country.

Comet was making distributorship and product announcements on its stand at Bauma Comet was making distributorship and product announcements. (Photo: KHL)

The move falls in line with Comet’s plans to grow its market in Germany.

Traditionally, the company operates in the likes of emerging markets, including the North Africa and the Middle East.

To this end Comet is introducing a new Light range of double articulated truck mounted platforms with 20m and 22m working heights.

The company was also introducing two new spider lifts on its stand. The 14m and 17m working height Leopard 14 & 18 spider lifts.

The Leopard 14 is a 100% hydraulic machine with 6.5m outreach and 200kg capacity in the basket.

The 18m version is an electro-hydraulic product that has a 7.5m outreach and 250kg in basket. Both products have 400 degree continues turn.

Also new on the stand was the Eurosky 16 mounted on an Isuzu pick-up. The double articulated unit has a fly jib.

The Eurosky 14 is also new Piaggio Porter chassis powered by LPG. The vehicle was launched last year.


The all-electric Faresin 17.45 was shown at Bauma The all-electric Faresin 17.45. (Photo: KHL)

The world premiere for a new series of fully electric telehandlers made by Italian equipment manufacturer Faresin was at Bauma.

The ‘Big Range Full Electric” series comprises the 14.42, 17.40 and 17.45 models, which offer maximum lifting capacities of 4.2, 4.0 and 4.5 tonnes, respectively.

The design of the machines is based on that of Faresin’s existing diesel-powered models and, while the smaller 14.42 electric telehandler offers a top lifting height of 14m, the two larger models provide a lifting height of 17m.

The 17.45 offers a peak pulling force of 44.3kN and top speed of 25km/h. It is fitted with a 45.36kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack at 435V, powering two electric motors, a 51kW motor for the transmission and a 23kW motor for machine movements.

First electric powered telescopic handler

XCMG used Bauma to reveal what it claims is the first electric powered telescopic handler to be launched by a Chinese equipment manufacturer.

The XC6-2506E weighs 5.3 tonnes and has a maximum lifting height of 6m and accompanies ten electric-powered aerial platforms from its fire-fighting safety equipment range on the stand.

According to XCMG, its newly-released models have the advantage of a large-capacity battery, quick charging times, and zero carbon emission.

Battery driven telehandler

Manitou launched all lithium battery driven telehandlers and a range of electric or hybrid options.

The MRT 2260e and MRT 2660e rotating telehandler models are part of the manufacturer’s VISION+ range and have a loading capacity of 6 tonnes for lifting heights of 22 and 26m respectively.

Offering the same performance levels as Manitou’s internal combustion models, the rotating machines are fitted with a 700V/65kWh lithium-ion battery that is said to ensure optimum productivity, “even in difficult climate conditions like in Northern Europe.”

Magni expands TH range
The Magni RTH 10.37 telehandler on show at Bauma 2022 Magni RTH 10.37 telehandler. (Photo: KHL)

Magni has unveiled its new telehandler models available for 2023 deliveries.

The models include two new additions to the company’s TH range; the TH 4,5.15 and the TH 4,5.19, and the RTH 10.37.

Key features of the Magni RTH 10.37 telehandler include a maximum lifting height of 36.7m and a reach of 30.5m.

It is also fitted with a Stage V-compliant, 175kW engine from Volvo.

While the rotating machine offers a lifting capacity of 10.3 tonnes, both the the TH 4,5.15 and the TH 4,5.19 have maximum lifting capacities of 4.5 tonnes.

With a lifting height of 15m and 19m, respectively, the TH 4,5.15 and the TH 4,5.19 are available in two Deutz engines versions of 55kW and 75kW.

These new TH models, designed for construction and light industry are engineered to ensure maximum performance.

Electric machinery from Ausa

Ausa has launched a new range of electric vehicles, incorporating the D151AEG dumper and the T164E telescopic handler. The pair were launched at Bauma, in Germany, last month.

The T164E telescopic handler from Ausa at Bauma The T164E telescopic handler from Ausa. (Photo: KHL)

The T164E is also the company’ first electric telescopic handler with a 1,600kg payload on the market.

With its all-terrain capabilities and a maximum lifting height of 4m, it is ideal for working in emission-free spaces such as greenhouses, enclosed spaces and working at night, due to its minimal noise.

Both models have been designed with an operating range of at least one full working day.

The li-ion battery pack is managed electronically to offer maximum power in all-terrain conditions that match diesel vehicles.

Also, when the accelerator is released, the electric motor reduces the speed instantaneously while the energy is regenerated, extending its range.

Crawler boom lifts

Almacrawler was showing the new Jibbi Primo telescopic crawler boom at the show.

The Jibbi 1890 has full electric drive and offers self-levelling and a fully removeable power pack.

The 18m maximum working height model can be driven at up to 14m at a 15% lateral and longitudinal inclination.

The maximum outreach is 9.92m with a 140kg load in the basket and 8.32m with a 250kg load.

Almacrawler’s new Jibbi Primo telescopic crawler boom at Bauma. Almacrawler’s new Jibbi Primo telescopic crawler boom. (Photo: KHL)

The interchangeable battery pack, means that a new one can be fitted at any time, providing the potential for limitless autonomy.

The power pack itself can be easily transported said the company.

There are two power version available, one being the ELC 420ah, 48-volt lead acid battery version, with a 720kg weight and 6.5 hours use on full charge.

The other LTH version has either a 330ah, 48-volt or 440ah, 48 volt lithium battery weighing 300kg or 350kg, respectively and offering 5 hours or 6 hours use.

The tracks have an automatic tensioner system as standard, which the manufacturers says leads to zero maintenance, and is directly connected to the and controlled by the main hydraulic system.

Another standard feature is the AES secondary guarding device, which uses an ultrasonic system to avoid entrapment by stopping the machine before the operator comes into contact with an option and leaves them space to safely remove themselves.

This article originally featured in the November/December edition of Access International. Click here for access to the full edition. 


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