Access equipment at Bauma 2022

In this third preview of from AI, we have even more coverage of access equipment at Bauma. 

Bauma More than 600,000 vistors attended the 2019 Bauma show. (Photo: Bauma/Messe Munchen.)

There will be a large range of new access-related products at Bauma this year, as demonstrated by this feature, combined with the Show guide in the September issue of the magzine and the Preview in the July/August issue of AI.

While many of the big names from North America and Europe will not be at the show, notably JLG, Genie, Skyjack, Haulotte, Snorkel and Niftylift, a large proportion of the access industry will be there.

A major topic across the show will be sustainability and low to zero emissions. For example, the European Rental Association (ERA) and CECE, the Committee for European Construction Equipment, will hold an event as part of the Bauma Forum focusing on the theme.

To complement that, there will be a large number of electric and hybrid solutions on the stands of access equipment manufacturers at the show.

Hybrid and electric Spider lifts

Platform Basket now has its entire range available as electric-powered options; a theme which will be presented at the show.

To complement this, the manufacturer will present the new 15m working height Spider 15.70. The hybrid model with combustion engine and lithium-ion battery pack will join the existing 15.75 model.

This new model has a double pantograph boom, making it compact in transport configuration and giving improv

A new lift from Platform Basket Platform Basket’s new launch. (Photo: Platform Basket)

ed clearance while maintaining the 15m height.

High-strength steels has enabled a significant reduction in weight, which contributes to improved stability, while maintaining a load capacity of 230kg, for two people.

A variable ballast weight, previously developed in the existing 20.95 model, means the batteries are located to contribute to stability and reduce counterweight.

It also has a standardised control system, allowing rental operators to use different models with the same controls.

Also on show will be the manufacturer’s flagship Spider 18.90 with 230kg capacity and hybrid propulsion, along with the 43m working height 43T diesel machine, the Spider 13.80 ED Hybrid and the Spider 22.10 46KV USA, developed with the company’s US dealer, now updated for greater durability.

World’s highest spider lift
A spider lift in a city The self-loading R420 spider lift. (Photo: Easy Lift)

Easy Lift is to launch what it claims is the highest spider lift in the world at the show. The RA53 is equipped with a double telescopic boom and jib, and will offer a working height of 52.4m and a maximum outreach of 20m.

The standard model incorporates a 42kW Hatz diesel engine and 7 kW 380V electric motor, but is also available in an eco-friendly Hybrid version, the RA53HY, which will combine the 300Ah 48V lithium battery with the standard engine.

Cage capacity is up to 360kg or 450kg with an optional basket or a 1,000 capacity crane winch version.

Key features of the RA53 include an undercarriage that can be extended both vertically and horizontally, with dynamic self-levelling.

In addition to the RA53, the manufacturer will also show its R130, R180, RA24, RA31 and R420 platforms.

Dual powered lifts

Teupen will launch the new LEO24GT and LEO27GT. The pair have around 24m and 27m working height, respectively, although the exact heights are yet to be confirmed.

Confirmed specifications for the units include a transport width of approximately 89cm and a 250kg basket load. The LEO24GT will have a deadweight below 3,000kg and will fit on a 3.5 tonne trailer.

Both machines have a lateral outreach of approximately 12.2m and are equipped with basket load sensor, and an efficient hydraulic system with a variable pump. There is a radio remote control, display in the basket and hydraulic height and width adjustable tracks.

Besides standard stabilizer set ups, there is an additional one called the church position - both front stabilisers in wide position, both rear stabilsers in narrow postion.

Available options are Lithium battery drive, a 300kg winch, second display on the chassis, a smaller basket of 900mm x 800mm, a coming home function and water and air connection.

Compact spider lifts

Hinowa will launch a new 40.2m working height spider lift at the show. The Lightlift 40.18 has a maximum operating outreach of 17.5m and 10.3m in its reduced stabilisation area.

The unit provides a capacity of 300kg with three people in the basket, three engines, including Kubota diesel, lithium-ion batteries, and bi-energy, with 11 kW electric motor.

Despite the increased working height, Hinowa managed to maintain compactness and the model has a stabilisation area of 537cm x 504cm in total and 667cm x 364cm in reduced area. The transport height is under 2m to allow passage through standard-sized doors.

Another important feature is the intelligent functions: the jib arm moves automatically to remain within the working area, while with the Tower Boom (TB) carries out lifting/lowering and extension/retraction in sequence Furthermore, the machine moves automatically from transport to working position and is able to open/close simultaneously.

Imer spider lift The Imer IM R 23 DA. (Photo: Imer)
Tracked spider lifts

New products from Imer, will include the IM R 23 DA spider, with a working height of 23m and capacity of 230kg. It has a double articulating boom with active jib.

The double stabilization area is complemented by a completely closed structure and by the total absence of exposed parts.

The latest generation control panel includes all the platform’s controls, which are simultaneous and electro-hydraulically operated.

Another is the new EVO model, which replaces the previous version IM R 19 SA, features some interesting innovations. First, the new hydraulic system is updated to the latest standards for higher performance. It also has a new electrical system and advanced software, and jib control system.

Vehicle mounts

CTE will be highlighting its S3 EVO control system, along with the company’s truck mounted and tracked platforms.

In response to environmental needs, the company has introduced its Green Innovation initiative, which aims to make all corporate activities more sustainable. This, along with safety, will be a key theme of the booth.

CTE’s Traccess 270 CTE’s Traccess 270 will be on display. (Photo: CTE)

The green theme will include new models at bauma, including the premiere of its first fully electric truck mount with more than 20m working height, on a 3.5 tonne GVW chassis.

This represents a major investment by CTE in 100% electric vehicles for historic centres, park areas, sustainable construction sites, and night working.

Two Traccess spiders will be on display too; a new fully electric model and a hybrid model, which is already on the market.

Another novelty will be the presence of a new truck mounted platform on 3.5 tonne chassis, characterised by an articulated boom configuration that exploits the entire work area - ideal for rental.

Truck mounted aerial platforms

Socage will be showing its 3.5 tonne GVW truck mounted Speed. As standard configuration, all models in the compact Speed series are fitted with automatic stabilisation and closing, even from the basket.

Among the Speed models on the stand will be the 24D, 18T and the 16A, mounted on Piaggio NP6.

Socage’s Forste 20D Socage’s Forste 20D joins others on show. (Photo: Socage)

The new Socage headquarters in Carpi has been the springboard for the new forSte24D Speed, providing up to 23.6m working height and 12.7m outreach.

It accompanies the telescopic forSte18T Speed, equipped with automatic stabilization, 17.70m working height and 10.5m outreach.

The forSte16A Speed, meanwhile, is mounted on a Piaggio NP6 and has up to 15.9m height and 7.5/9.6m. Its compact dimensions allow work in tight spots.

They join other Speed models and the 75m forSte 75TJJ which can be equipped with a 1500kg winch and the Socage Raptor (forSte 21S spider) with a working height of 20.8m and lateral outreach of 10.3m.

Its basket payload is 225kg, with two operators and materials across the whole working area. It is fitted with automatic stabilization and automatic closing, for an easy and safe use.

Alternative powered vehicle mounts

Klubb will show electric, gas or bi-fuel-powered vehicles mounted with aerial platforms which can work with the vehicle engine off.

The 11.8m KL26, mounted on a cutaway Renault e-tech and offering 57kW of power; the 10.5m K20L mounted on a 50kWh Peugeot e-expert and the 10.7m KL26 mounted on a Piaggio Porter NP6, will be prominent on the stand.

As far as light equipment goes, Klubb will show the new 13.5m KL38P, with an articulating jib, available on vans, with or without a cutaway.

Klubb KL26. The Klubb KL26. (Photo: Klubb)

It will be there in addition to the KL21B, KL26 and KL32, that are already in light versions and offer better payloads.

Visitors will also discover the new KT18PZ on a 5 tonne Mercedes Sprinter 5T; a van solution designed for optimum performance with 19m working height and 9.4m offset.

The new light articulated range will be represented by three new models; the 20m, 22m and 24m articulated platforms on 3.5 tonne GVW Iveco 35s14.

These three models have new functions to be discovered on the Klubb booth.

Hoists and mast climbers

Alba-Macrel Group will present its highest capacity construction hoist at Bauma, the PMH model.

The company has described the model, with 3.2 tonnes capacity, as a high-performance machine, ideal for large-scale buildings. Advantages include remote connection for management and diagnosis.

Maximum speed of the unit it 80m/min. A lateral loading door can also be incorporated, allowing operators to configure the hoist in various dimensions.

For this reason, the manufacturer’s M650 square mast has been created to allow another cabin to operate simultaneously, doubling the load capacity and allowing operators to work on different floors. It is also compatible with equipment from other manufacturers.

Transport platforms

Elevek will present its new transport platform at Bauma, the TP7, which meets EN16719 standards. The unit will be shown in single mast configuration at the show and has a payload of 2 tonnes.

Elevek’s new TP7 transport platform Elevek’s new TP7 transport platform. (Photo: Elevek)

Apart from that, the main characteristics of the TP7 include a modular cabin size from 2.2m to 3.2m. The doors can be used in the A, B or C areas, while the roof cover is telescopic.

The key feature of the machine is that two single cages can be combined to make a twin. This way the customer needs just one model in the fleet to fit a range of applications.

A 2.24m removable assembly platform is available for the TP7. It fits into the structure of the lift and can be extended into the mast.

It can be removed and used in other units so that the customer does not need to buy a separate one for each unit.

Another Elevek product on the stand will be the CH3250 personnel and material hoist, with a C door and 3m long space.

The length of the machine with added modules can be up to 4.8m, with the model at Bauma set to be with 4.2m offering a 3.2 tonne as payload.

Scissors and booms

Airo will present a range of its compact and RT scissor lifts, vertical mast lifts and boom lifts, including those launched in recent years.

Airo’s XL20RTE. (Photo: Airo)

Airo has also been expanding into full electric and larger capacity, with the debut of its XL20RTE in October 2021 offering a working height of 20m and a double deck platform that can extend up to 7.4m, with a maximum load capacity of 700kg for up to six people. The ‘superdeck’ offers two manual 1.5m deck extensions.

Its two maintenance-free AC electric motors, one for lifting and the other for driving, and its 48V (455Ah) battery make the XL20RTE operate in full electric mode.

A full guide to access equipment at Bauma All the new and interesting equipment models you can expect to see from manufacturers at Bauma

The manufacturer’s hybrid articulated A18 JRTH Plus boom will also be there. It complements the existing A18 JRTD Plus diesel version and offers a lithium iron-phosphate battery pack.

A low power diesel generator recharges the battery, either automatically when the battery is running low or when the operator chooses, in four hours.

Electric telescopic boom lifts

Adding to Sinoboom’s products on display, is a telescopic boom lift, representing Sinoboom’s growing electric-powered telescopic range, featuring models with platform heights from 16m to 32m.

Sinoboom’s TB20EJ Plus boom. (Photo: Sinoboom)

The TB20EJ Plus, at the show, features a 20m platform height, 22m working height and 330kg /454kg (unrestricted/restricted) load capacity.

As an electric-powered boom lift, this provides quiet working for emissions-critical locations, and has been engineered for low energy consumption and long working. Smooth off-road operation is enhanced with standard active oscillation, 4WD and 35% gradeability.

Trailer mounted boom lifts

Rothlehner will take part with its Denka-Lift trailer mounted products, and other brands it represents as a dealer.

The Denka-Lift products have been developed in recent years to include a new software-based control system with integrated onboard diagnostics, optimized Fronius charging technology, basket levelling sensor, automatic outrigger setup and LED lights permanently mounted in the basket, among others.

Rothlehner’s Denka lifts will be on show at Bauma. Rothlehner’s Denka lifts will be on show at Bauma. (Photo: Rothlehner)

Work has also been caried out on maneuverability of the equipment, specifically the DK-Series with its basket to the rear. The simple operation and aluminum telescopic boom remain the same.

The most popular Denka devices are still the DK series DK18 and DK25 with basket to the rear and the DL series DL18 / 21 and DL25 / 30 with basket to the front.

The company will share its Bauma stand with Italian partners GSR and EasyLift.

Telehandlers at Bauma 2022

Magni will present a range of new equipment novelties, including two new TH range models, the TH 4,5.15 and the TH 4,5.19.

With a maximum lifting capacity of 4.5 tonnes and a lifting height of 15m and 19m, respectively, these models are available in two Deutz engines versions of 55kW and 75kW.

Magni’s new TH 4,5.15. Magni’s new TH 4,5.15. (Photo: Magni)

These new TH models, designed for construction and light industry are engineered to ensure maximum performance in every situation.

The cab has a large windscreen which extends from the operator’s head to their feet, to ensure full visibility of the load both when suspended and completely lowered.

Fully pressurised and equipped with a filtration system, the cab allows the operator to work safely even in polluted or contaminated environments.

Moreover, the models featuring the 75kW engine are equipped with a heating and air conditioning system to ensure maximum comfort and the cab is designed against the risk of roll-over thanks to an upper grill guard. There is an adjustable steering column and seven-inch touch screen.

Every model is equipped with 4-wheel drive and steering to ensure maximum stability in every operation.

This solution allows for maximum freedom of movement and three types of steering: round steering, front steering and crab steering, along with super low design for entering low height openings.

Faresin will launch a new full electric telehandler at bauma, to add to its existing compact electric models. This new machine is designed for high-altitude lifting.

It implements innovative technology solutions that will soon be installed on the current 6.26 Full Electric model to bring advances in efficiency of use and recharging. Thanks to zero emissions and a low noise level, the new telehandler can be used not only in outdoor construction sites but also for indoor handling.

World’s first fully electric telescopic handler

Three years after its launch, the 6.26 Full Electric, the world’s first fully electric telescopic handler, returns to Bauma. Designed for use in city centres and enclosed locations it can work at very low levels of just 64.4 dBA.

The exhibited model will be equipped with the brand new 43 kW/h (560 Ah) battery that provides a range of 11 hours, and the innovative Fast Charger on board that charges the battery in two and a half hours.

The 6.26 Classic 52, from the Small Range, along with the FS 7.32 Compact, introduced at Eima 2021, will be there, along with the debut of the new FS 9.32 Compact, maintaining all the features of its 7.32 sibling but with a longer boom, consisting of two trailing sections, reaching 9m.

The 17.40 from the Big Range and the 9.60 Classic 75 from the H


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