Bi-levelling, lithium-powered scissor launch

A new track-based, self-levelling scissor lift from AlmaCrawler has been launched in North America by the company’s U.S. distributor, Ruthmann Reachmaster. 

The lithium-powered Bibi 33BL PriMO is an updated version of AlmaCrawler’s Bibi 1090 EVO. The revamped model sees the addition of AlmaCrawler’s full electric, PRiMO technology that includes removable battery packs.

Alongside the unit’s removable power source system, the Bibi 33BL PriMO is all-electric drive, replacing the standard unit’s hydraulic drive.

bibi, ruthmann, tracked scissor, scissor The bi-leveling capabilities of the Bibi 33BL PRiMO on a slope. (Photo: Ruthmann Reachmaster, N.A. LP)

Ebbe Christensen, president of Ruthmann ReachMaster said, “The new Bibi unit is not only offering the unparalleled bi-leveling and self-leveling capabilities the market has come to know from these units, but also a completely new way of thinking how to power – and charge – the next generation of electric powered units.”

The Bibi is equipped with a 210amp lithium battery pack that can easily be removed and taken to a charging station, or be replaced with a fully charged battery, offering “virtually infinite use of the unit,” according to the company.

bibi, ruthmann, tracked scissor, scissor The Bibi 33BL PRiMO working on soft terrain ground conditions with an extending platform. (Photo: Ruthmann Reachmaster, N.A. LP)

”This new system allows an operator maximum flexibility as far as keeping the unit charged. It can be charged on the unit with a standard 110v 15/20-amp extension cord, but you can also leave the actual unit on site, and just bring the battery system to a location that offers a standard 110v plug-in. The battery pack is a complete system with batteries, BMS, and charger,” added Christensen. “So, if you have a spare battery pack, you can just replace it, or instead of having the physical space needed to charge multiple units, you only need very limited space to charge the system, and in cold winter locations, you don’t need to take the entire unit inside, you can just take the battery pack in”.

The other new feature is an all-electric drive, with a maximum speed of 2.7 mph.

“Our customers will love it as it is super-fast compared to the hydraulic version, we almost have to install a safety seat belt,” Christensen joked.

Additional features include self-adjusting tracks and forklift pockets for easy and safe on/off loading on trucks.

bibi, ruthmann, tracked scissor, scissor New automatic track tension system is standard on the Bibi 33BL PRiMO. (Photo: Ruthmann Reachmaster, N.A. LP)

“We are showing and towing the unit through the first quarter of the year for shows and demos, taking orders now for May production and June/July deliveries,” Christensen said. “We have carried an electric version of the Bibi for the past years, but this is truly a new and better concept than anyone has seen before. Best of all, from a price point of view, we can offer it at the same level as the previous generation of battery-powered units, and overall, we are one of the few suppliers in the market that are lowering our prices on these units effective March 1. Stabilization of the rate of exchange and Almac’s extraordinary ability to get the supply chain back to pre-COVID is now going to benefit our North American customers in 2024.”


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