Doka marks Safety Week 2023 with ‘Strong Voices, Safe Choices’

Protection screen Xclimb 60 provides full perimeter protection at 55 Hudson Yards. (Photos by Doka)

For Construction Safety Week 2023, Doka is committing to the theme “Strong Voices, Safe Choices” to build upon the company’s internal safety culture.

Michael Kennedy, CEO of Doka USA, said the company is taking advantage of this opportunity to not only recommit to creating safe and supported environments for its 600-plus employees but also to demonstrate the built-in safety advantages of Doka’s formwork, shoring and scaffolding solutions.

“For us, Safety Week is a call to action, an opportunity to show each other what it means to be safe and why it’s important to each of us,” Kennedy said. “We are proud to participate in Safety Week and recognize the many elements that go into jobsite safety.”

Doka said its solutions are meant to support construction workers in their tasks and to protect their safety by minimizing the risk of accidents on jobsites.

Doka’s Safety Net fans protect against falling debris and objects at One Mircea Eliade.

Protection screen Xclimb 60, Doka’s full-area enclosure that surrounds the perimeter of and anchors to a building, enables workers to carry out their jobs safely and protected from all weather conditions.

This solution, which is adaptable to meet on-site specific requirements, allows for an integrated loading platform that attaches to the screen for straightforward, safe repositioning of slab formwork, tools and other materials.

Triple-layered Safety Net Fans provide protection from falling objects and debris, and this pre-assembled solution can be adapted to any shape and used on any structure with connection options.

A 3-ft. overlap provides more protection between the units, and they are resistant to high wind loads and UV damage from the sun.

Smart Edge, an edge protection/guardrail system, provides increased safety, reduced labor and simplified site logistics at perimeter edges, internal openings, elevator shafts and stairs.

Integrated green-red indicators confirm to installers and inspectors if the post is correctly installed, and smart keys are required for setting and stripping to ensure that only authorized personnel can modify or remove the edge protection.

Doka’s Falpro is a mobile fall protection anchor point that protects construction crew members at leading edge deck construction.

Falpro is a mobile fall protection anchor point that allows safe working near the slab edge without trip hazards.

This solution reduces the need for a safety monitor or a temporary cable lifeline system on edge deck construction, and it allows for worker safety near the slab edge without trip hazards because the anchor point is always above head height.

Unrestricted freedom of movement is provided with 360-degree fall protection and a working radius of 30 ft.

Doka said that safety is the No. 1 consideration for its products, along with other aspects such as safe and quick assembly. For more information on Doka’s lineup, visit their website.


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