Electrifying RT scissor lifts

Electric-powered RT lifts are the inevitable addition to many manufacturers’ ranges but there have been updates to the diesel versions too. AI reports on the changing world of RT scissors

It will come as no surprise that manufacturers are growing their RT scissor lift options, as they are doing in their other aerial platform ranges. As with self propelled booms, the challenge has been in providing the required power but advances in technology and the quickly-changing requirements of the industry has prompted producers to close that gap

New Haulotte electrics

Haulotte HS15 E PRO Haulotte’s 15m working height HS15 E

Haulotte launched the first scissor lifts in its electric rough terrain Pulseo range in the fourth quarter of last year. Until then the Pulseo range consisted of the 20m working height HA20 LE Pro electric rough terrain boom lift, which the company is also planning on adding to as its electric offering grows

The new electric big deck, large capacity 15m and 18m working height HS15 E and HS18 E all terrain scissors, (HS4390 E and HS5390 E in North America), have already found customers. For Example, UK-based Media Access Solutions (MAS), which specialises in TV & film work, placed a £1 million (US$1.37 million) order for 21 new scissors and booms from Haulotte, 15 of which are the 100% electric Pulseo’s. The first eight HS18E units were delivered in April this year.

The HS15 E and HS18 E offer the same drive performance as a diesel machine and are designed to climb slopes up to 45%. The front oscillating axle and 4-wheel drive combines with the manual differential wheel lock to provide control and traction and gets the machine in and out of challenging terrain. It can be deployed on slopes up to 5°, with outriggers, while high ground clearance protects the machine’s components.

The HS15 E and HS18 E have a load capacity of up to 750kg (1,650 lb) to meet the demands of a range of applications, including cladding, insulation and maintenance work, with a maximum of four persons in the platform. The platform is up to 7.4m (19ft) long, with both extensions. The HS15 E can drive at full height, and the HS18 E an drive at up to 13m working height. They also operate in effective silence, with an acoustic profile below 60 dB in electric mode.

The 48V battery pack can deliver a full day of work and has three charging options. The primary charger recharges the batteries at the end of the shift from any standard 110 -230V single phase electrical network. An optional three-phase accelerated charger provides an 80% charge in three hours. Thirdly, a 5.5kW removable range extender combustion engine can be used to rapidly recharge the batteries while the machine is operational. The range extender is also interchangeable between HS15 E or HS18 E models.

Full series from Snorkel

Snorkel S2755RTE Snorkel S2755RTE

Snorkel now offers all five of its compact rough terrain scissor lift models as full electric, powered by lithium-ion batteries. The standard 1.8m width S2770RTE, S3370RTE and S3970RTE are now in full production in Snorkel’s UK manufacturing facility and come equipped as standard with two 5.75kW lithium-ion battery systems, which is sufficient power for normal driving and elevation operations during a 6 to 8-hour shift. For situations where the lift will be required to drive long distances, or where extended shift life if required, an additional 5.75kW lithium-ion battery pack can be added.

All five of these compact RTs models continue to also be available with a diesel engine (RT models), or with Snorkel’s bi-energy solution (BE models), which enables the operator to select between the diesel engine or lead acid battery power, depending on the application.

For 2021, Snorkel is expanding its lithium-ion battery technology to its two ultra-narrow 1.45m width compact rough terrain scissor lift models. Branded as the S2255RTE and S2755RTE, these models will enter UK and New Zealand production in early 2021. Suitable for working in confined spaces, they are ideal for cladding applications between densely built industrial units which due to width restrictions, would previously have been accessed with scaffolding. The S2255RTE and S2755RTE also come equipped as standard with 11.5kW of lithium-ion battery power (2 x 5.75kW battery systems), and can be optioned with an additional 5.75kW battery system if required.

The lithium-ion battery packs have integrated BMS, with operating temperature range of -25 to +60 degrees Celsius. The units come with a high frequency smart on-board 50A battery changer and the batteries are warrantied for 2000 charging cycles, or two years, whichever comes first.

Imer power options

Imer IM17220E Imer’s range topping IM17220E

Italy-based Imer is also now offering a choice of power systems on its latest RT models. The IM 220 series is offered with diesel engines or AC electric motors and batteries, while the IM 180 series comes with diesel engines or AC electric motors and batteries, or as bi-energy versions.

The IM 180 series has a working height of up to 14.8m thanks to the recently launched electric IM 13180 E version. All major components on the series, including the chassis, scissor pack and platform, have been completely redesigned. The improved scissor pack size on the IM 13180 E provides greater stability and a comfort to the operator.

It has a maximum capacity of 400kg, which increases to 500kg when stabilised, and offers full traction at maximum height. In addition, there are no capacity restrictions within the allowed inclination angles. The platform is powered by 7.2kW AC motors and high-powered battery packs.

Starting from a standard 2-wheel, it can be customised as a 4-wheel drive unit with oscillating axle and automatic levelling outriggers. Also worthy of note is the optional 525 Ah rating for the electric battery versions.

A manual deck extension of 1.5m brings the basket to a total length of 4.2m, which combined with the 1.6m platform width, provides almost 7 square meters of working surface. This can accommodate four workers, or two workers outdoors with no stabilisers. The footprint of 1800mm x 2943mm, adds to the compactness of this model.

Moving on to the new IM 220 series, the IM 17220 E boasts the greatest working height, of 19m. The standard equipment also includes a powerful 15kW AC electric motor, 630 Ah traction batteries, which allows traction performance in all-terrain and gradeability similar to those of the machines with diesel engines. The 55 A, HF battery charger provides automatic disengagement, while the battery control system has a low voltage and safety cut-out.

The structure of the scissors has been increased to allow a capacity of up to 540kg with five people in the stabilised platform or three people when the platform is not stabilised. The weight of the machine is 8600kg, without stabilisers, while the platform has a double manual extension of 2m at the front and 0.9m at the rear. The 4WD hydraulic transmission and the oscillating axle are offered as standard, as well as the automatic hydraulic levelling outriggers.

JLG electric

jlg ert

As previously reported, JLG’s latest RT offering also comes with electric or diesel options. The ERT electric and MRT diesel are 1.75m wide machines. They range from 9.92m to 14.32m (47ft) working height with the 12.05m (33ft) and 15.10m (43ft) machines filling out the series. Sharing up to 97% components, like heavy duty, rough terrain tyres - standard non marking for the ERT, chassis, baskets, hydraulic layout, among others, reduces spare part variation as well as training for service departments.

The diesel MRT offers a unique dual oscillating axle, which the manufacturer calls Quick Level Advanced. This allows machines to level out, side-to-side at up to 7.5 degrees, while the machine maintains its mobility and driving at full height.

The ERT and MRT also offer levelling stabilisers. Its non-marking tyres on the ERT are powered by standard 2 wheel drive, while the MRT also offers a 4 wheel drive option.

Both the electric and diesel scissor range have new control panels. Lift Sense allows the operator to read colourful and intuitive gauges like basket weight, machine slope side to side and aft to front which all influence operating height.

New Airo range

AIRO XL20 RTE Drawing of the soon-to-be-launched XL20 RTE from Airo

Airo is heading down the electric trail too. Within the next two months, the company will introduce a 20m working height RT full electric double deck scissor, closely followed by 17m and 13m models.

Preliminary specifications for the new three-model XL E and RTE series, include 700kg capacity for the 20m working height XL 20, 900kg for the 17m XL 17, and 1,200kg for the XL 13 model. All three models are available in three versions: the full electric RTE, the hybrid RTH with lithium-ion batteries and an on-board diesel generator, and the RTD diesel version.

Two-wheel drive is available on the non-rough terrain E version and four-wheel drive for the rough terrain RTE version, with differential gear lock and oscillating front axle. The lifting capacities range from 700kg up to 1200kg, and there is an extra-long deck, which extends to 7.4m, with the 1.5m dual deck extension. The big deck also has two full height entry gates and foldable rail guards.

The series is powered by a 48V battery pack and HF 48V, 60A fully automatic battery charger drive. The lift function is carried out with a removable platform console, while the series also offers a pin-based load limiter, four hydraulic stabilisers with automatic and manual levelling (on the RTE only), and AC motors and electric pump control.

The units weigh between 8,200kg and 96,000kg and provides a gradeability of 27% on the E version and 45% on the RTE. Smooth operation is provided through the proportional controls and the company’s ACTS Touchscreen, on board diagnostic and setup. The units come telematics ready.

Genie indoor and outdoor

Genie GS3369 RT scissor. Genie’s GS3369 RT scissor.

The GS-2269 DC, GS-3369 and GS-4069 DC slab scissor lifts are the most recent product introductions in the Genie rough terrain scissor lift line-up.

The GS-2669 DC is designed for indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance and installation applications with firm, level surfaces. Its rough terrain capability means it can easily adapt to dirt, sand and mud. A quiet, electric drive motor provides emission-free performance, while a patented, full-time oscillating axle automatically adjusts the axle position based on ground conditions. With a 680kg (1,500lb) lift capacity and 35% gradeability, it is suitable for a variety of applications.

For tough, construction-oriented jobsites, the GS-3369 RT is a purpose-built four-wheel drive machine with positive traction control that can drive and function at full height. The GS-3369 comes with foam-filled, RT tyres and delivers 40% gradeability.

The GS-4069 DC was the industry’s first 12.19m (40ft) RT scissor lift in this class, able to drive at full height. Four-wheel drive and positive traction control enable up to 40% gradeability on slopes. It also has an oscillating axle and optional auto levelling outriggers. The 2.79m x 1.6m, 363kg (800lb) capacity platform has a 1.52m (5ft) slide out extension.

Sinoboom hybrid extension

Sinoboom’s 1623RD Sinoboom’s 1623RD

Sinoboom has launched a new hybrid RT scissor lift in recent weeks. The 18.2m (59ft 8.5inch) working height 1623RD has platform dimensions of 3.98m×1.83m×1.1m, with a 1.5m maximum platform extension. Power comes from a Deutz D2011L03i engine, with the model offering four-wheel drive and two-wheel steer. There is also an AC motor drive, with a maintenance-free battery.

Active oscillation allows adaptability to sloping and uneven ground, giving greatly enhanced off-road ability, and the unit provides 40% gradeability. “The proportion of pure electric and hybrid rough terrain scissor lifts will increase rapidly,” said a Sinoboom spokesperson. “because they are quiet and environmentally friendly during operation, application scenarios will also be expanded, for example use in factories, commercial venues and densely populated urban areas, further stimulating the market growth of rough terrain scissor lifts.”

Traditional power from Skyjack

However, new developments in RT scissors are not all in the electric and hybrid arenas. Skyjack’s new 70ft (21.34m) model, the SJ9664 RT, which was launched in February, represents an enhancement of prototypes introduced last year.

Skyjack’s CE-certified SJ9664 RT Skyjack’s CE-certified 21.34m SJ9664 RT

Kristopher Schmidt, product manager at Skyjack, explains, “Similar to our DC scissor lifts, we looked at what changes were mandated by standards, both ANSI in North America and Stage V in Europe, and dug a bit deeper to see how we could develop a whole new class for our customers.” Schmidt adds, “Bringing a machine to the market with a working height of 70ft makes work at seven stories possible without jumping to a specialised class.”

The SJ9664 RT includes an axle-based four-wheel drive system, Skyjack’s Smartorque technology, a large workspace and impressive capacities.

Smartorque enables the model to use a smaller Tier 4 Final Kubota engine, while delivering the same on-site performance as higher-powered units. “With this optimised balance of engine horsepower, torque, and hydraulic performance, we’ve created a cost-effective solution for emission regulations and controls,” says Schmidt. “Other areas we’ve added value to our customers are through the commonality of parts across our other full-size RT scissors, impact-resistant control box, and increased levelling capability with better protected components.”

The SJ9664 RT also has a reinforced scissor stack, simplified e-lowering, onboard diagnostic display, a self-centering scissor design, which supports the optional dual extension decks, and it is compatible with Skyjack’s Accessoryzers line, including pipe rack and material handling stand.

Like all Skyjack Next Generation products, the SJ9664 RT is supported by the manufacturer’s optional Elevate telematics solution.

LGMG compact line

LGMG SR23D The compact SR23D series from LGMG.

Earlier this year LGMG Europe launched its compact RT scissor line into the market. The series comes in 12m, 15m and 17.9m working height models.

The SR23D series delivers higher capacities and larger platforms of 3.98m x 1.83m, along with four-wheel drive, oscillating axels and hydraulic outriggers, powered by a Deutz 36.4 kW engine. The larger working platform of the new series also comes with dual extension decks. Standard features include one button auto-levelling outriggers, overload system and motion alarm. There is also a pull-out engine tray for easy access and maintenance and the manufacturer’s on-board self diagnostics for quick troubleshooting. LGMG says its plans to further develop the product line through this year and next.

Top series upgrade

PB Top 19 series The updated Top 19 series from PB

Over the years the Top 19 series 4x4-all-rounders have been a mainstay of PB’s RT range. Now, due to industry demands PB has updated the series. The electric modular design provides three different chassis: completely rigid 2-wheel drive; 2-wheel drive with oscillating axle; and four-wheel drive.

There are five different scissor packages, ranging from 12.85m to 18.10m working height and 500kg to 900kg lift capacity, amounting to 15 models in the TOP 19 series.

The 4x4 scissor are designed for interior and exterior work. On the one hand, the 4x4 is a “normal” electric scissor. On the other hand, it provides additional, unique advantages:

The electro-hydraulic drive means it is completely emission-free, plus it offers quiet non-marking tyres, plus 6.20m Mega Deck, with 1.9m width and 4.2m length.

The 16kW electric drive corresponds to a 35kW diesel engine. The front axle is oscillating, while the rear axle two individually levelling axels ensure excellent traction. In addition, a standard differential lock provides powerful drive even on two or three wheels.

ATN digital introduction

ATN CX12 & CX15 A new generation of ATN CX12 & CX15 diesel lifts has been introduced.

ATN Platforms is developing its diesel RT range in the coming months with the next generation offering a large touch screen interface for advanced service information.

The update will be applied to the manufacturer’s two CX12 & CX15 large deck diesel platforms, offering 12m and 15m working height, which since the third quarter of 2020 now include a Kubota Stage V engine and start & stop function as standard to limit CO² emissions.

This new generation of machines retains the oscillating axle and double extension deck from the previous version, along with providing an equal platform and chassis width and the ability to drive at full height with a full load.


GTAccess Dingli DL2223 RTB GTAccess has invested in 22m (72ft) Dingli DL2223 RTB diesel lifts.

Dingli has made a number of RT scissor deliveries to UK rental companies in recent weeks.

GTAccess took delivery of four 22m (72ft) working height Dingli DL2223 RTB diesel lifts that will join its existing fleet of 5.6m and 7.5m Dingli electric scissors.

These new machines top out GTA’s fleet of RT scissors that previously reached up to 17.95m (59ft). With its large working platform, four-wheel drive, automatic levelling hydraulic outriggers, 30% gradeability and the 22m working height in a relatively compact design, the Dingli DL2223 RTB will join the company’s 1,700 MEWPs, along with its recently purchased, and first 30.3m (99ft) working height Dingli BT30RT all terrain telescopic boom.

In addition to the new Dingli’s, GTAccess placed large orders for new scissors and booms from Genie, Manitou, JLG and Haulotte.

Fellow UK-based rental company Star Platforms has made its first move into large scissors with the addition of 10 all-electric Dingli JCPT2212DC slab and JCPT2223DC rough terrain scissor lifts. Both offering 22m working heights, the JCPT2212DC provides a 600kg platform capacity, a 1.8m platform extension and 25% gradeability. The 4x4 drive rough terrain JCPT2223DC provides an improved platform capacity of 750kg, a 2.7m unidirectional platform extension and up to 30% gradeability.

Richard Miller, joint managing director of Star Platforms, said, “The move into the large scissor market is a big step for us and one that has been driven by the ageing fleet of big electric scissors in the UK currently.”


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