Formwork and scaffolding aid with urban build

VIENNA TWENTYTWO – one of Vienna’s largest urban development projects – is being built in the 22nd district of Vienna’s Donaustadt. Two diagonally positioned tower blocks and four low-rise buildings form a varied ensemble, with formwork and scaffolding solutions from Doka on site.

doka, formwork, scaffolding Thanks in no small part to the formwork solutions from construction work on the tower is progressing rapidly. (Photo: Doka)

The 15,000 m² site includes apartments and offices, as well as two hotels, shops and restaurants. VIENNA TWENTYTWO owes its distinctive look and striking skyline to internationally renowned Viennese architects Delugan Meissl Associated Architects.

Formwork solutions and construction progress

Developed by ARE Austrian Real Estate, the project’s design included a multitude of modern details – from generous open spaces to fine-tuned wind optimization. Once completed, the tallest tower in the VIENNA TWENTYTWO multi-purpose ensemble will have an impressive height of 153 metres. In addition to formwork solutions from Doka, the V22 HABAU-DYWIDAG consortium is also using Doka’s Ringlock modular scaffolding for the steel construction.

With the help of the pre-assembled Xclimb 60 protection screen from Doka, the tallest tower in the ensemble is growing upwards safely and quickly, according to the company. The hydraulic climbing system with the Xbright frame enclosure protects against the effects of weather at great heights, thus ensuring stable working conditions.

doka, formwork, scaffolding The Ringlock modular scaffolding from Doka provided support for the for the welding work around the outriggers. (Photo: Doka)

“The chosen formwork solution ensures a fast construction sequence on the one hand, and a safe working environment on the other, two important parameters for the success of the project,” said DYWIDAG Project Manager Herbert Busch, who utilized Doka solutions for the Viennese Marina Tower.

Safety and flexibility

Outriggers, a set of structural steel trusses to provide stability and connect the building core to vertical components while concealed from the outside, were installed on levels 16/17.

Doka’s Ringlock serves as the working scaffolding around them, capitalizing on its flexibility to perfectly fit around the steel structure. This scaffolding offered support for the site team during assembly, welding and weld seam inspection of the outriggers. Access for workers between levels was facilitated through a combination of staircases and ladder hatch decks, prioritizing a secure working environment.

doka, formwork, scaffolding Visualization – VIENNA TWENTYTWO. (Photo: K18)

Upon completing the first outrigger, the scaffolding tower seamlessly transitioned to support the second one. Leveraging Ringlock’s strong node connection and features like the jack retainer and locking pins, the entire scaffolding unit could be relocated with minimal crane lifts, reducing downtime in disassembly and re-assembly, Doka said.

“After completing the steel construction work, we were so impressed with the flexibility of Ringlock scaffolding that we immediately used it for further work on other components,” said HABAU foreman Herbert Hochstöger.

VIENNA TWENTYTWO is an inspiring project that embodies the dynamic spirit of optimism in the city on the Danube and benefits from proven Doka solutions. The completion of the 153-metre tallest part of the building is scheduled for the end of 2025.


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