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AI explores the latest developments from the world of hoists for construction sites

A 90m high project in Spain where the Alba-Macrel PMH is currently installed. A 90m high project in Spain where the PMH is currently installed. (Photo: Alba-Macrel)

According to Alba-Macrel the current trends in construction hoists remain similar to those of last year.

In the USA, Canada and some countries of the Middle East and Asia, big loading capacity hoists are required. But, in Europe and South American there is a requirement for mid-loading capacities.

“The pre-assembled bathrooms and kitchens will also be a trend in new construction buildings, so the transport platforms with big platforms, like our PTB 3800 model, will be more in demand,” said the company.

This year Alba has launched the PMH model; a passenger and material hoist with 3.2 tonne load capacity.

It is available in several cabin sizes and has remote connection for management and diagnosis. To double its capacity, an additional cabin can be installed on the same square mast.

On the other hand, customers are also increasingly requesting Geda’s Combo Solution, says the manufacturer, for construction projects and restoration works.

It is becoming more common to see two construction hoists working at the same time on the same mast.

Installing a construction hoist combo allows savings in money and time for the operator, since the operation of two different rack and pinion lifts on the same mast increases the construction capacity, thanks to their different uses and applications.

The Geda T500ZZP The Geda T500ZZP. (Photo: Geda)

Focusing on the key issues of the modern workplace, Geda points out that the scaffolding industry is faced with a variety of challenges, and material hoists can offer crucial support for the sector, which is seeing increasing skills and worker shortages, tight restrictions for health and safety, as well as challenges in logistics and transport of material at construction sites.

“The hoists are versatile, quickly installed and can transport scaffolding material up and down rapidly and safely. Moreover, reducing the employee workload pays off in many areas,” says the company.

Construction hoists: market trends

Geda has also been following market trends over the years with its Multilift series, first established 15 years ago. Recently, the design of the Multilift P18 and P22 models have been completely revised.

The new device features an innovative design with a clean style and updated colour concept.

All electronic components are accessible directly from the platform. The possibility of remote maintenance also greatly facilitates day-to-day work. Look out at Bauma for a range of new products from the manufacturer.

Diego Benetton, sales sirector at Maber, echoes the view that the addition of digital technology to provide instant access to information is crucial, with full historical data from the day of installation.

This inevitable development sits alongside other trends, such as energy saving and larger and higher payload, while the sweet spot remains 2,000kg.

“Rental companies are asking for more robust machines and more technology to be able to easily troubleshoot, considering it’s more and more complicated to find skilled technicians on electrical side.”

A Maber MBA2000-EU on rental from Loxam in Paris. A Maber MBA2000-EU on rental from Loxam in Paris. (Photo: Maber)

Maber’s new construction hoist is the 2,000kg capacity MBA2000-EU with a 1.5m x 3.2m car and 2.6m C door, with a travel speed up to 54m/min.

The speed can also be changed based on the power supply available on site.

Not all the jobsites need a big twin-car hoist, so Maber studied the European rental market and produced a hoist that can be transported and installed easily. It’s also a modular hoist, so the door type can easily be changed.

The company will also display at Bauma, the new version of its 1,000kg MBA800-V hoist designed for small lift-shafts in Europe of 1.6m x 2m, for example. It is easy to install and dismantle inside the shaft.

Maber is also set to launch a new single and twin construction hoist of 2,000kg capacity.

The simple unit has a reasonable price with one motor to offer 60 m/min climbing speed. It will also uses the company’s Mymaber data storage.

For more about new products and hoist manufacturers, see the Bauma Show guide.

Electroelsa A03 hoist The A03 construction hoist (Photo: Electroelsa)
Electroelsa at Bauma 2022

Electroelsa is set for Bauma with plans for three new versions of previous machine models, those being the Elsa PM23, P46, H20-50 and A03 T-Lift.

The PM23 is the evolution of the previous PM20 material hoist and transport platform with 2300kg capacity, rectangular mast sections and four cages.

The Elsa P46 is the evolution of the previous P40 mast climber with 2 different types of deck modules available - 1m or 1.40m width. It has the same mast as the PM23 and has an overload system.

The Elsa H20-50 is a new construction hoist with two possible cages of 3.40m x 1.50m or 5m x 1.50m. Load capacity is from 2,000kg to 5,000kg and is available in a twin cage version. Working height is 200m with small mast section or 500m with large.

The Elsa A03 tower lift has a load capacity of 200kg, and can be installed inside or outside the crane structure, at ground level or on a cantilever.

The E20 passenger and material hoist from SAEclimber (Photo: SAEclimber)
SAEclimber E20 hoist

Two SAEclimber E20 passenger and material hoists have been installed in Benidorm, Spain, to a height of 200m, with 2 tonnes capacity in each cage.

The E20 has a cabin length of 3.2m, and digital automatic landing control and self-diagnostic system.

The car is up to 4.5m with a C door that is up to 3m in length for bulky loads. The single or twin cage unit comes with a 40 or 60m/min speed.

It can also be provided in a combi version, with one side being for people and materials and the other side a material-only hoist.

Mast sections are the same as the PH20 transport platform and P45 and P45/S mast climber.


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