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Following the announcement of the shortlist for the International Awards for Powered Access 2024 in January, Access International can now share a summary of each shortlisted entry to provide a unique insight into the latest developments in our sector, across equipment, safety, digital developments, sustainablity and more.

Taking place 14 March in Copenhagen, Denmark, on the same day as the IPAF Summit, the 2024 edition of the IAPAs is set to celebrate the access industry at its best. 

There was an outstanding response this year, with 130 entries received across 13 award categories. A judging panel of five longstanding industry experts chose the shortlist during a meeting in mid-January.  

Event organisers Access International and IPAF would like to thank the judges for all their efforts and the those who took the time to enter. As usual the quality of entries was incredibly high, therefore do not be put off entering again for the 2025 IAPAs if you did not make it onto the shortlist this time. 

For more information about the IAPAs and the IPAF Summit, visit the event website.

The IAPA 2024 shortlist:


AFI Rentals, UK
During 2023 AFI was the first to market with the Smart Off-hire Technology Project that allowed end-users to off-hire their machine by scanning a MEWP-specific QR code. The company also implemented the Machine Availability Checking System; a robust live report system that works in real-time from mobiles or desktops and displayed on large screens in AFI fulfilment centres.

Dayim Equipment Rentals, Saudi Arabia
Achievements include a purpose-built secondary guarding system for the aviation industry, having the youngest MEWP fleet in the country, being the only KSA-based rental company to have IPAF and IADC accreditation with TVTC (Technical and Vocational Training Corporation), along with a commitment to electrifying 30% of its fleet by 2025.

Kiloutou, France
The company launched an e-commerce website in France and customer portal MyKiloutou. In 2023 it also acquired Denmark-based GSV and Vendap, in Portugal, along with two further buyouts in Germany. Kiloutou also continued its digital transformation with Apizee, an online conference with customers to solve technical issues remotely, and introduced Europe’s first electric heavy duty delivery truck.

Mills, Brazil
Initiatives include a specific devotion to safety, being the first company in the sector in Brazil to commit to the SBTi (Science Based Targets) initiative and the first Brazilian rental company to offer a CO₂ platform calculating emissions, along with introducing the TransFormar scholarships programme and launch of an algorithm to predict battery maintenance needs.


Electroelsa – Parachute device
The Parachute can be installed on transport platforms, mast climbers and hoists to detect missing mounting bolts on mast sections and stop the machine if one is found. The mast section that is not correctly assembled is then slightly raised to reveal the issue that caused the machine to stop. In the past, 99% of related accidents have been caused by the failure to fit bolts, according to the company.

Gravity Joe - Pneumatic balancer
The system aims to reduce musculoskeletal disorders and is effortlessly installed on aerial platforms and can take a weight of up to 18kg, allowing operators to work safely, boost productivity in drilling, coring, and screwing applications, among others, to enable solo operation at heights. and allowing a second operator to manage other tasks in the basket.

Haulotte – Fastn
In 2023 the company introduced the FASTN that alerts the operator when they are not safely connected to it in the basket. In 2024 the company will launch the Haulotte Dual Reach – a restricted envelope that allows the load capacity of the machine to raise from 250kg up to 350kg and tilt from 4° to 6°. In addition, safety KPIs are now part of the Sherpal Pilot telematics solution offering weather forecast and electric line detection.

Sunbelt Rentals - Projects & initiatives
Sunbelt has introduced an external team to deliver work at height safety training and upskilling and introduced a range of safety devices, including EQSS OverWatch secondary guarding, Nationwide’s Harness On’, Skyjack’s XStep and JLG’s SkySense. Following a £1m investment, all new machines have telematics/access control as standard and the Engage for Life and Safety Weeks initiative add to the culture.


Mast Climbers/Hoists

Alimak - Vectio 650
As Alimak’s largest transport platform with a size of up to 14.7 square metres, allowing wide and bulky goods, it reduces the need for a tower crane. The single-mast version has a capacity of 2,500kg or seven passengers. The twin-masted version can handle payloads of up to 3,700kg or seven passengers. The modular design offers flexibility through custom options built on single or twin-masted systems.

Electroelsa - ELSA P46
An evolution of the P40, the model includes the Parachute safety device, (see Contribution to Safe Working at Height). In addition, the P46 has an overload detection system. It has deck options of 1m or 1.4m width with wall extensions up to 5m. In double mast it can have a length of 34m and working height of 220m and can be interchanged between single or double mast.

Maber - Lift Shaft Hoist
This construction hoist has been designed to be installed in small lift shafts, leaving the external part of the building free on the ground and facade. The hoist is equipped with comfort inverter to reach speeds of 40m/min, wi-fi codified powerless landing call system and Maber’s new monitoring system, for real time remote monitoring and delivery into MyMaber cloud service.

Scissor Lifts & Vertical Masts

Almacrawler - Bibi 1090 Primo
The 10m working height tracked scissor has self-levelling up to 20° longitudinal and 14° lateral with AlmaCrawler’s patented technology, and can be driven at this level up to 6.5m working height. It has a full electric drive and extractable/swapable power pack that allows for infinite autonomy. Tracks are automatically tensioned using a hydraulic piston.

Dingli - JCPT1612PA
Dingli’s oil free, direct electric drive series, has replaced the two hydraulic cylinders with dual electric actuators. Due to the power difference of the motors, any change in output current can cause them to be out of sync, resulting in deformation of the actuators. Dingli’s 10m working JCPT1612PA allows perfect synchronization of the two actuators when lifting the scissor stack.

Faraone - Elevah 6
Designed to offer superior stability, the Elevah E6 Move is also compact compactness, with a base measuring 110cm x 78 cm. With a maximum capacity of 200kg, the model also offers a zero-turn radius. This unique feature allows for easy manoeuvrability even in narrow spaces and provides greater precision in movements.

Platform Basket - Heron 10
The 9.6m working height, outreach of 3.45m with two people in the basket, and capacity of 230kg are all achieved with a 1.2m width. It offers a unique in-profile stabilisation system which also allows it to level itself on uneven ground. The basket can be swapped with an hydraulic winch, with 250kg and there is remote control for loading and unloading.

Self Propelled Booms and Atrium Lifts

Dingli - BT44ERT
(See Innovative Technology prize).

Niftylift - HR15 H2E
Launched in 2023, the HR15 H2E (Hydrogen-Electric) is the new low-weight, all-electric-drive 15m boom from Niftylift. It offers a 15.7m working height, with a working outreach of 9.4m from a compact chassis of 4,680kg. It incorporates cutting-edge hydrogen fuel cell technology which fully charges its batteries from a G20 Hydrogen bottle, doubling its range.

Palazzani - TTZJ 58
The TTZJ 58 is the highest spider lift in the world at 58m, offering 20m outreach, with 120/230/400kg basket capacity. It remains compact, light and agile. The articulated arm features a double telescopic and fly jib, affording an up-and-over reach of 20m at 30m working height. There is a bi-energy power option: diesel/AC with 32.5 kW. The basket has new ergonomic controls and monitors.

Platform Basket - Spider 54
The 54m working height spider has a basket capacity of 400kg without height restrictions. The diagonal track extension system allows mobility in extreme terrains. The standard unit includes a 990kg direct pull hydraulic quick-change winch. The 53kW (eco-friendly) and a load sensing transmission with variable-displacement motors and pumps enable agility and speed on smooth terrain.

Teupen - LEO27GTplus
The lightest 27m working height spider on the market has a new Fuzzy V control system with display design for easier operation and diagnostics, a unique 165° movable fly jib, four stabilizer positions, a lifting device of 300kg, and come home/memory function. The radio remote can be connected to the basket for recharging.


Palfinger - P 280 CK EDrive
The emission-free 28m working height truck mount has fully electric Volvo FE Electric chassis with a 375 kWh capacity, that can be charged during operation and powers both the vehicle and the aerial platform. The charging time with 150 kW DC is around 2.3 hours and the unit has a range of around 240km. There is a robust 300kg aluminium with integrated anti-squeeze protection in the knee rail.

Ruthmann - Steiger T 1000 HF
The new 100m working height truck mount has an outreach of 39m, exceeding industry standards by 10m, a 600kg basket capacity, and a machine length of 16.53m with a lightweight 53-tonne chassis, allowing for improved fuel economy. The unit achieves a unique power-to-weight ratio, with 500 horsepower on the 53-tonne chassis.

Socage - forSte 16A Speed
This compact 15.9m working height articulated telescopic boom is mounted on a less than 3,500kg vehicle. It is mounted on a Piaggio Porter NP6, powered by a combined gasoline/LPG. The basket is front fixed for greater precision. The new hydraulic system with Socage’s control allows smoother and proportional movements, while its reduced overall weight allows greater customisation.

Versalift Denmark - V-200
Mounted on a on 3.5 tonne Iveco Daily, the telescopic boom provides 19.9m working height and a 300kg basket capacity - with 100kg it has 14m outreach. Setup is fast with the automatic stabilization system. The control system allows smooth and fast operation, with option of narrow or wide jacking. Bucket rotation and outrigger setup can be done from ground, as well as the LCD screen inside.


CTE - MP 20 Ev
Launched in the last quarter of 2022, CTE’s MP 20 Ev was the first 100% electric truck mounted platform on 3.5 tonne chassis, with 20m working height. In partnership with Green-G Electric Vehicles the platform is mounted on a zero-emission commercial vehicle, the ecarry.

Dingli - ‘Future Factory’
The OEM’s ecosystem is derived from Green travel by employees, its new factory park that saves 1.2 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, intelligent manufacturing with automate bending, welding, machining, spraying and final assembly lines, a remanufacturing factory and a full range of electric and hybrid products.

Niftylift - Hydrogen-Electric (H2E)
Being the first MEWP manufacturer to integrate hydrogen fuel cell technology into its products, the H2E’s hydrogen fuel cell fully charges the batteries from one G20 Hydrogen bottle, doubling the machine’s range while emitting no CO2 or other pollutants. The bottle is quick and easy to replace.

Trackunit - Emissions Reporting
The tool responds to the urgent need for automated tracking of emissions from construction equipment. It is built on a ‘no machine left behind’ principle and does the complex work of capturing CO2 emissions from every make and model of gas-powered and electric equipment, even when data is limited, lowering carbon footprint and savings costs on fuel.


Cramo - SmartControl Sustainability Services
The service offers an easy solution to rent and return lifts on site. Cramo will deliver a selection of lifts to a job site and rentals. Using the SmartControl function on the Cramo app, the user receives a PIN code to allow access to a certain lift, reducing emissions, saving costs, and making lift rental fast and safe.

JCB – LiveLink
JCB spent 18 months creating LiveLink Next Generation connecting to 100% of JCB machines, other manufacturer’s equipment to allow a comprehensive mixed fleet, and delivering simplified data driven actionable insights with the overall vision of adopting a digital first approach and working beyond telematics.

Kiloutou – YOUSE
Offering a scalable solution for its clients to share their equipment with other contractors on the same worksite, a tracker with RFID reader is attached to each unit giving authorization of use in reserved time slots. It uses a digital platform and mobile app to reserve, lock/unlock the equipment.

Transgrua - QR/ NFC equipment check
A digital tool used by customers through a QR code or NFC touch, with contents dedicated to each MEWP model. The tool gives the operator several options: checking the machine, workplace, downloading the manual and familiarisation without any type of download or installation of apps.


Dayim Equipment Rentals
Dayim has promoted diversity and gender equality in the workplace, contributing to societal advancement in the KSA through equitable hiring practices. This includes encouraging women to take on roles traditionally dominated by men, such as working in workshops and recognising the importance of skill development for all employees and promoting work-life balance through various initiatives.

The company has introduced Personal Development Plans, with each employee having a personalized roadmap for growth, along with its Elements of AI course - a company-wide incentive with immediate reward for course completion. It has also introduced Supporting Education Locally for local students, learning initiatives, and monthly coaching sessions for supervisors, along with promoting ‘responsibility’ in the community.

The TransFormar Program is a commitment to making a positive impact by generating social impact, education and employability for vulnerable young people. It offers technical and vocational scholarships to the 24% of young people in the country who neither study nor work. In addition, TransFormar works with customers and suppliers to generate more opportunities.

At its 2023 leadership conference, Terex introduced a Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion strategy. The company’s DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) Site Roadmaps provide actions to support the strategy, while the 10 “I Will” statements encourage team members to feel safe, supported and valued and training is provided to leaders and managers across the business, among others.


Dingli - BT44ERT
This telescopic boom lift is pure electric, with a working height of 44.4m and dual capacity of 300kg and 454kg and the tallest electric boom in the industry. The “X” shaped axle can be expanded without driving. There is a 230°amplitude angle of the jib, which can be hooked back for container transport, and full redundancy of electronic control software and hardware.

France Elevateur - Live line truck mount
The off-road aerial device can work on a 400 kV live line working on transmission lines according to the EN 61057 standard. It has a 41m working height, 360kg load, and is mounted on a 32 tonne 8-wheel truck. The bi-energy power allows power take off and 12 complete cycles in fully electric. There is ultra high structure rigidity to avoid movement during work.

Trackunit - Access Management System
The system combines Bluetooth, QR codes, operator profiles, and external APIs for secure and compliant equipment operations. Users can increase productivity and save time by remotely managing equipment access across projects, plus it enables operator access with a mobile app offering a choice of trusted digital keys.

Trojan Battery Company - AES batteries
The new design lasts three times longer than standard AGM units, working in extreme temperatures, and withstanding repetitive partial state of charge. It features technological advancements, including a proprietary carbon additive to preserve the negative active material. It also incorporates additives and Deep Cycle Series (DCS) technology to prevent the degradation of the positive materials.

IPAF/Access International Lifetime Achievement Award
To be announced at the ceremony.

IPAF member-only categories

IPAF Training Centre of the Year

  • HSS Training
  • Mills
  • Nationwide Platforms
  • Speedy Services

IPAF Training Instructor of the Year

  • Brian Sneddon - Nationwide Platforms
  • Jorge Encinas - EXPDC3
  • Jose Ramon Etxebarria Urrutia - Plataformas Daryat
  • Peter Hazell - AFI
  • Wagner Silva dos Santos de Andrade – Mills


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