JCB continues commitment to access equipment with new telescopic boom for NA rental market

JCB continues its commitment to growing its position within the access equipment sector with the addition of its 65-foot diesel-powered T65D aimed at the North American rental market.

The machine features dual-zone lift capacity and the ability to carry three people throuhout its range. The T65D can handle 1,000 pounds in the basket through 80 percent of its range and 600 pounds through 100 percent of the range. The platform’s basket height reaches 65 feet, 4 inches, and maximum outreach tops out at 56 feet, 6 inches.

“Where we differ from the competition is that our machines are rated to carry three people throughout that whole working envelope,” says Connor Stanmore, product manager - access equipment at JCB. “Customers have said they really like the ability to have three people throughout the entire range.”

jcb, JCB T65D, boom lift, telescopic boom JCB’s telescopic booms are geared toward the North American rental market. (Photo: JCB)

Powered by a 74-horsepower JCB 444 EcoMAX engine, the T65D offers 360-degree continuous rotation, an 8-foot basket, and three access points for operators and users. 

JCB, T65D, JCB T65D, TELESCOPIC BOOM JCB’s new T65D boom lift at the 2024 ARA Show. (Photo: KHL)

“With the T65D, JCB expands its presence in the MEWP sector,” said Chris Giorgianni, Vice President of Product for JCB in North America.

“The company has achieved excellent results with its scissor lifts and articulated booms and aims to surpass its customer expectations with this new product line. The addition of this telescopic boom fills another key segment of the market, making JCB a comprehensive provider of solutions for our customers.”

Features and controls

A 5-inch display in the basket shows the total load as a percentage of capacity, as well as warning lights, fuel level and machine position. USB charging points come standard with the platform console. The controls on the base of the machine are toggle switches accompanied by a seven-inch touch screen with built-in diagnostics capabilities.

The platform control box features a dial to control the speed of the boom. This, combined with proportional joysticks for basket control, enables workers to maneuver precisely and safely close to working surfaces but also move with speed and efficiency when obstacles are out of the way, according to JCB. 

jcb, JCB T65D, boom lift, telescopic boom JCB’s T65D is the company’s first telescopic boom lift product. (Photo: JCB)

Under the hood

The JCB 444 EcoMAX engine that drives the T65D gives it a “unique advantage in this size class,” Stanmore said. “Most telescopic boom lifts in this size class use a 40- to 50-horsepower engine. At 74 horsepower, the T65D has enough muscle to push through muddy terrain, steep grades and difficult underfoot conditions without bogging down and slowing work.”

For crews that deploy welders in the basket, the T65D uses the Harrison Hydra-Gen PTO-based hydraulic generator. Smaller, more compact and lighter than engine-powered generators, the Harrison generator can run the welder at full power with no loss of performance from the primary diesel engine, said Stanmore.

Maintenance and service

The Tier 4 Final engine on the T65D does not require a DPF (diesel particulate filter) or DEF (diesel exhaust fluid) to meet emissions requirements. All the serviceable items are positioned on the front side of the engine bay for easy access. Next-level diagnostics highlight fault codes on the machine’s monitor, meaning there’s no need to connect a laptop. JCB Livelink telematics comes standard and monitors all machines and schedules servicing automatically. Self-lubricating bushings reduce the need for routine greasing.

jcb, JCB T65D, boom lift, telescopic boom The JCB T65D has a platform height of 65 feet, 4 inches. (Photo: JCB)

On the boom, hydraulic fluid is protected in steel pipework rather than hoses to reduce the risk of damage. The steel pipework comes in sections. If one is damaged, it can be replaced with less cost and time than it would take to replace a full-length hosing or pipework. The pipework is also covered with a shield for additional protection. All hydraulic hoses are color coded for easier replacement and serviceability.

Similarly, the floor of the basket is constructed using three separate sections made of aluminum. This eases repair in the event an object is dropped; there’s no need to replace the whole floor or the whole basket. 

“Having the ability to replace one section reduces the cost of ownership,” Stanmore said.

Smallest electric-drive scissor

Also at the show, JCB introduced the smallest in its line of electric-drive scissor lifts, the S1932E. With a 19-foot platform height and a 505-lb. load capacity, this replaces the 1930 hydraulic-drive machine.

Able to fit through standard doorways, the S1932E weighs in at just 3,505 lbs., significantly less than its predecessor.

“We heard from our customers that the 1930 was too heavy, so to be flexible with towing needs, we managed to take 250 pounds out of the scissor lift,” Stanmore said, adding, “We’ve made the platform two inches wider, allowing more space for the operator to move around.”

Speaking to Access Briefing during the 2024 ARA Show, Stanmore said JCB will transition the boom lift’s production from India, where it currently is being manufactured, to the company’s forthcoming production plant in Texas. In late 2023, JCB announced it was looking at 400 acres of land near San Antonio to construct a 720,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. The new plant will be the second largest of JCB’s 22 global production facilities. 


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