Manitou to hold online CSR event

Manitou Group is set to hold its third live online broadcast dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how the company and wider industry is approaching the subject.

On the way up, which takes place 6 July, focuses on Manitou Group’s CSR roadmap and covers three main themes: Transformation, Human Resources and Beyond the Climate.

The transformation segment will cover European Sustainable Governance (ESG) and discuss how banks and financial investors are supporting organisations that follow strict CSR criteria and have a global approach to the subject.

Manitou - On the way up

According to Franck Lethorey, external communication manager at Manitou Group, the company has gathered key performance indicators (KPI) around its products’ energy use on construction sites and others areas of use to aid its CSR roadmap.

As part of that Manitou Group has signed up to the worldwide science-based SBTi low carbon trajectory programme, which involves a partnership with the UN, with the company aiming to meet the SBTI’s ambitious targets by 2030.

“We now have a lot of work to do with our electric range and our hydrogen project and we have a lot of opportunities to go even deeper into this,” says Lethorey.

Manitou Group is progressing its hydrogen project quickly and will announce updates on its hydrogen roadmap during the live On the way up event.

The Transformation segment of the live show will include a testimonial from a partner of audit company KPMG which will expand on the importance of CSR and ESG goals and explain how companies are now adopting these themes as a matter of course.

“Today, our customers are not only looking at price, they are looking at TCO and productivity. They are also looking for machine safety – that has become key in terms of business,” Lethorey explains.

Customers are also seeking to retrofit their machines with alternative fuel options, away from combustion engines, which is why Manitou Group recently signed a deal with rental company Kiloutou for this specific purpose.

In turn, Manitou Group has increasing expectations of its customers to also demonstrate that they are on a course of low emissions and sustainability polices.

On the subject of Transformation, French CSR cofounder of Open Lande, Pascale Guiffant, will contribute to the broadcast and demonstrate how it is supporting a large number of companies in the country to grow their footprints in these areas and transform their business models to incorporate them.

Key resources 

Manitou - On the way up

Another major topic of the webinar will be Human Resources. Covering the subject will be managers from graduate schools focusing on business, engineering and design and how they are focusing on CSR in modern education and the expectations of future employers.

In addition, there will be testimonies from Manitou Group’s subsidiaries, including a colleague from India, who has created a network for women in the workplace. There will also be a talk from Manitou Italia about partnering with local universities. Then a representative from a US factory that will explain its partnership which help people reintegrate into society.

Viewers will also receive insights into the latest jobs becoming available in Manitou Group’s R&D department. With technology changing so quickly, the company is recruiting people with specific competencies that were not in existence five to 10 years ago, for example in hydrogen and eco-conception. “It is often a difficult task to recruit them as they are now in demand everywhere.”

Apart from recruiting externally, one solution to this is for Manitou to train its existing workforce in specific areas of engineering.

Climate focus 

The final topic will be Beyond the Climate, representing a companywide initiative in line with a wider French national drive, as part of the CEC initiative, seeing organisations working together to find best practice and drive regeneration.

“We are looking at how to make our business model evolving – working in an ecosystem of local companies working together with all our stakeholders in CSR,” says Lethorey.

One of Manitou Group’s distributors will be on hand during the broadcast to provide an example of how this initiative is working.

Following each of the three topics there will be a quick question and answer session, with queries from students to the speakers on stage, based on the information that has been provided.

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