Multitel focuses on young workforce

Multitel open day Multitel holds information day for local students.

Multitel Pagliero is holding open events for local students and jobseekers to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of the company, in support of bringing young people into the workplace from the community.

As a major employer in Manta, Italy, with its eight factories in the immediate area, Multitel Pagliero has collaberated with the Istituto Tecnico Superiore G. Rivoira, as well as job centres and schools to introduce potential employees to the company.

The company, founded in 2011 in Saluzzo, is an established part of the community. Having increased its workforce from 337 in 2021 to 551 in 2023, thanks to strong growth, and lowered the average age of its employees to 35 years, thanks to the intake of high-school and university graduates, Multitel Pagliero is a major local employer. The number of women at the company has also grown to represent 11% of the total, as has the mix of EU and non-EU personnel.

Comprehensive introduction 

Multitel open day

The final year students from the technical college, visited the company’s M2, M4, M5, M6 and M7 plants, led by Fabio Pagliero, to learn about manufacturing, automation, robotics, safety, service, training, platform operation, marketing and communications from managers of each department.

The fifth year students were able to meet with technicians and skilled workers who had joined Multitel Pagliero directly after graduating.

The next open day will be at the end of May for students at AFP in Verzuolo, Cuneo, whose training focuses on automotive mechanics, mechatronics, welding and 3D design.

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