New Geda hoist for Oslo build

Three of Geda’s newly-updated Multilift P18 hoists are assisting a construction project in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.

Just 10 minutes from Oslo city centre is the brand new district of Ensjøbyen – developed for those who appreciate nature. Ensjøbyen is Oslo’s new neighbourhood for those who enjoy the pulse of the city but want more fresh air and green space than the city centre can offer.

This area is where construction work is currently underway on Malerhaugveien 20; a high-end project consisting of 106 apartments in three buildings.

Multilift P18 A Geda Multilift P18 working in the Ensjøbyen district of Oslo. (Photo: Geda)

The project boasts modern, bright and attractive apartments surrounded by green spaces and is designed as a residential courtyard complex which faces west onto a green space.

Since the construction work began in August 2020, Geda has been supporting the building work with three of its devices. These were rented out via long-standing customer Cramo.

BundeBygg, one of the leading construction companies in the Oslo region, developed the project with BundeEiendom and Lund + Slaatto Arkitekter. Until the scheduled completion in late 2022, the Geda hoists will continue to carry out their work on site.

The entire Geda Multilift range is onsite, consisting of the Multilift P6, Multilift P12, Multilift P18 and Multilift P22. The complete, pre-installed base unit, consisting of car, enclosure, cable bin and drive, is delivered as one unit. Long assembly times are therefore a thing of the past, because the device can be set up immediately on site without having to assemble individual components for the car.

The Multilift is ideal for the limited space available in Ensjøbyen because, compared to larger personnel and material hoists, only a few square metres of floor space are sufficient for the entire hoist. The hoist therefore requires no additional foundations, which often would have to be poured specifically.

New generation 

Multilift P18

Two of the Multilift P18 hoists installed in Oslo are the latest-generation products, with their revised, clean design. The new two-tone colour concept, with large Geda lettering on platform E, is designed to make the model look even more futuristic.

As part of the redesign of the car interior, the control unit of the car switch box and also the assembly guard have been recessed and integrated with no interfering protrusions. Stowing large and bulky goods is therefore not a problem.

The redesign has made the car interior easier to maintain and service. This means that wear parts, speed-dependent safety gear, drives, shaft encoder and lubrication device are all easily accessible from the platform.

Equipped with the Premium package, it is possible to query and quickly analyse the hoist status via remote access. The homing function enables the hoist to travel to the ground station automatically at a set wind speed and time. The Premium package also includes simple teaching of the landing level position via a safety control as well as the deletion and insertion of individual landing levels.

Moreover, this package option offers even more convenient and intuitive operation thanks to the new LC100 rotary switch. Compared to a numeric keypad, the rotary switch offers several advantages that you wouldn’t want to be without, even after using it just once.

This type of control is worth its weight in gold for any construction worker, particularly in the harsh everyday conditions on a construction site with changeable weather, as is the case in Norway. Two different platform lengths – 3.2 m and 3.7 m – make it easy to transport particularly bulky construction materials.

Sturdy construction 

Multilift P18

At the Norwegian construction site, the 3.2m version of the platform with a load capacity of 2,200kg is being used. The erection height varies at Malerhaugveien 20, between 12m and 28m depending on the hoisting height. However, the new, much larger Premium assembly plank makes installation easier. The assembly plank also offers stability thanks to the chequer plate base as well as its sturdy construction.

To keep wear on the gear rack and pinion as low as possible, the Multilift P18 is equipped with an automatic lubrication device. The lubrication pump, which is included as standard, is more powerful than before and is compatible with the entire Geda Power Grease line.

Depending on the construction site conditions or customer requirements, power consumption can be influenced by reducing the load or speed so that a 32 A connection will be sufficient instead of the standard 63 A connection. This opens up a significantly broader range of applications for the hoist. The new control system tops off the innovations, making it more convenient to operate.

Between four and nine hot-dip galvanised “Comfort” landing level safety gates are used at the building’s stop positions to ensure safe transfer between the car and the landing levels. Theis offers the distinct advantage of being able to open to the left or to the right, depending on the site conditions.


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