Palazzani expands MEWP basket accessories

Palazzani's new spider lift basket accessories Palazzani’s new spider lift basket accessories. (IMAGE: Palazzani)

Italian aerial platform manufacturer Palazzani has expanded the range of accessories for its spider lift baskets, introducing three new products.

Customers can now have their personnel baskets fitted with a hand protector, handwarmer and a cup holder that can accommodate 0.5-litre water bottles.

An additional safety feature, the hand protector is a 20mm tube positioned on the three outer upper sides of the basket. It acts as a guardrail and provides a 50mm space that protects the operator’s hands from possible entrapment and, in the case of a collision with an obstacle, from being crushed.

“Accidents at height can also be minor bumps due to distraction, which can however cause serious injuries to the operator’s hands,” Palazzani said. “These accessories allow you to operate at height with greater safety.”

While the hand protector increases operator safety, the spider lift manufacturer’s new 12-24V dc handwarmer is intended to help improve operator comfort and efficiency. 

The handwarmer, which can be used when lift operators are at height for longer time periods in low temperatures, features a thermostat switch that automatically turns the unit on when the operator puts their hands on it, and can be assembled and disassembled when needed.

Alta Edilizia's Spider XTJ 52+ working on the Lo Spione in Palo del Colle in Italy Palazzani's new accessories are suitable for use with all of its spider lift models, including the XTJ 52+ model. Boasting a maximum working height of 52 metres, rental company Alta Edilizia recently used an XTJ 52+ to carry out cleaning works to the "Lo Spione" bell tower. Situated on a 177m-tall hill in the town of Palo del Colle, the 14th-century Apulian Romanesque structure is one of the most recognisable Romanesque structures in the region, and is in close proximity to the 18th-century Palazzo Filomarino Della Rocca and the main church of Santa Maria La Porta. (PHOTO: Palazzani)

“Spiders Palazzani are sold all over the world and in some countries the temperatures in winter are below zero; the operator always needs to have his hands free from gloves to use the controls and the difficulty of warming them can lead to a slowdown or interruption of work.”

Already said to offer among the largest personnel baskets available in the sector - with the largest measuring 2.4x0.7x1.1 metres, Palazzani’s baskets have been designed to offer “maximum comfort” for MEWP operators.

“It is important that the operator is always comfortable and, with all the devices, able to guaranteeing maximum operation in all contexts,” said the manufacturer. “That is why, following an analysis by our Research and Development office, Palazzani Industrie has decided to introduce some additional safety and comfort elements to make available to customers.


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