Reynolds Equipment tackles delicate job

The team at Reynolds Equipment based in Deforest, WI were faced with an interesting project recently. The Milwaukee Journal historic building in downtown Milwaukee is being converted into apartments, and Reynolds Equipment was asked to provide material handling services, specifically to provide a machine that could get materials inside the structure while protecting its exterior. On top of this, the work was being completed on a street in downtown Milwaukee which meant traffic disruptions had to be kept at a minimum.

Magni RTH 6.35

The solution Reynolds Equipment found was to use a Magni RTH 6.35 rotating telehandler with 13,200 pounds of lifting capacity and 114 feet of maximum lift height.

The first challenge Reynolds faced was the actual work inside the building, which allowed only 14 feet of headspace. The company positioned the Magni 6.35 outside with its outriggers extended, and then used a winch attachment to lift materials into the building. After materials were swung into the building, the winch allowed them to lower materials 25 feet into a hole to the floors below.

The Milwaukee Journal historic building, pictured here in downtown Milwaukee, is being converted into apartments.

The second challenge involved the outside work. The crew needed to lift supplies to the roofers working 45 feet above the ground. Along with the height and weight challenges, they needed to minimize traffic disruption in busy downtown Milwaukee. With Magni’s unlimited outrigger configuration possibilities and digital LMI, the unit was able to safely lift and place the loads while taking up only one of the three available lanes in the street.

The third challenge was to ensure that no damage occurred to the building. The Magni RTH 6.35 allowed the operator to set limits on rotation and extension, making processes faster and worry-free, the company said.

“The Magni made the job real easy and quick, and helped us keep the customer happy,” the operator said.

Sam McDonald, the salesperson at Reynolds Equipment noted, “The Magni was running in and out of the building knocking out the work of four different machines all on its own. Pick, carry, swing, set, reach – it’s doing it all and doing it well. The site crew is happy, the operator loves it.”


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