SAIA Shoring Council looks to update best practices docs

The Scaffold & Access Industry Association’s Shoring Council has wrapped up a number of projects over the last year and now has shifted its primary focus over to developing topics within the shoring design guide, according to Shoring Council Chair Mitch Meadows.

“The shoring design guide is meant to be a resource for the scaffold and access industry whether you are new or have been in the industry for many years,” Meadows says.

shoring, scaffolding, saia Shoring used to construct the St. Moritz Condos, seen here, in Topsail Beach, NC. (Photo: Brewer Equipment Co.)

A summary of the design guide intent is outlined in its introduction:

The purpose of this design guide is to represent and further develop the safety, standards, and guidelines of the structural shoring industry not covered or detailed by current codes and organizations such as OSHA, ANSI, and ACI which focus on various topics in the industry including access scaffolds and concrete construction and masonry work in construction. Shoring systems used in renovation, retrofit, and emergency applications on structures consisting of various construction materials are installed daily throughout North America, but are not specifically addressed or accounted for within these existing standards. This guide will expand on present and historical standards but focus primarily on the above applications where large gaps currently exist. We want to ensure the shoring knowledge gained from years of cumulative experience and resources is spread throughout the industry and into the future. We believe promoting cooperation and communication will improve the quality of our industry’s products and increase the safety of the public and all those working day in and day out in the construction industry.

shoring, scaffolding, saia D.H. Charles Engineering was contracted by Brewer Equipment Co. to provide engineered designs for the St. Moritz Condos in North Top Sail Beach, NC, seen here. (Photo: Brewer Equipment Co.)

In the last year the Council has either completed or began work on topics such as Slab and Beam Shoring Best Practices, Factors of Safety, Loading and Engineering Requirements and Column Shoring Best Practices, as well.

“In each one of these topics we try to outline and discuss important questions and information, best practices, and practices to avoid,” Meadows says. “To increase understanding and interest, we also try to include actual pictures and diagrams/drawings. The overall intent is to continue to grow the document one topic at a time and shape and modify it as the industry develops and more input is provided.”

Quick take Q&A with Mitch Meadows

SA sat down with the Shoring Council for a Q&A update. Here’s what they had to say.

SA: Looking forward, what will the council be focusing on for 2024? What are the council’s main goals and objectives for 2024?

Meadows: Our main goal is to encourage involvement and interest in shoring projects and help spread knowledge.

SA: Will we see any changes to the council in 2024? If so, what? Why?

Meadows: We are constantly working on new documents and topics as well as ways to educate the industry from those who work in the office to those who are out in the field. SAIA is also currently looking at providing QR codes on documents to see which items are most active and useful to members. This will allow us to hone in on areas that the industry finds most impactful.

SA: How do you expect the shoring market to fair in 2024?

Meadows: There seems to be a positive attitude in the construction industry regarding work availability. Although I cannot see the future, it seems that for the immediate time being, projects and business are moving forward steadily.

SA: What are the Council’s plans for Committee Week?

Meadows: The council plans to review reformatted documents that have been produced over the last couple of decades and review their current relevance and decide if edits need to be made. We will also be continuing our review of the current Shoring Design Guideline topic, Column Shoring.


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