SST Training in NYC

07 April 2021

Construction workers in New York City – have you fulfilled your required Site Safety Training (SST)? Under Local Law 196, construction workers on jobsites with construction superintendents, site safety coordinators or site safety managers have to complete the mandatory 40 hours of training. Failure to secure your SST card can result in job loss.

While Covid-19 shut down in-person training, there are numerous online providers who can deliver the necessary training so you get your SST card.

SST Training options

On many sites, work and certification experiences can vary, so ensuring you’re taking the right courses is extremely important. Easybook Training offers six SST-specific online training courses.

NYC SST 10 Hour Worker Site Safety Training (Online course)

NYC SST 10 Hour Worker Site Safety Training consists of an 8-hour fall protection course and a 2-hour drug and alcohol awareness course. Prior to booking this course, students are required to have previously completed the OSHA 30 Hour Construction Course (which can also be completed online.)

NYC SST 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness (Online course)

The NYC SST 2 Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness Online course is designed for construction personnel in NYC and covers drug and alcohol dependence disorders, especially related to the workplace, how to recognize the signs that someone may be under the influence and the associated dangers. Special consideration and focus is given to working on a construction site while being under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The hours covered in the course count towards both the 62 Hour Supervisor and 40 Hour Workers (Full) SST Card.

NYC SST 22 Hour Site Supervisor (Online course)

This 22-Hour SST Site Supervisor Card Online Package is designed for those who want to upgrade from their completed NYC DOB 40 Hour training requirement to a 62 Hour Supervisor SST card. The online curriculum consists of 9 courses selected to meet the 22 Hour Site Safety Supervisor Card NYC DOB requirements.

Students must have completed the OSHA 30-Hour training, 8-hour Fall Protection and 2-Hour Drug and Alcohol Awareness courses prior to starting. Each registrant will have unlimited access to the platform; there is no time limit to complete each course.

NYC SST 32 Hour Site Supervisor (Online course)

The 32-hour SST Site Supervisor training Online course bundle has been designed for construction site supervisors in New York City and combines several required safety classes. The online curriculum consists of 11 courses elected to meet the NYC DOB requirements and provides the required 32 hours of training towards the Site Safety Supervisor certification.

Each registrant will have unlimited access to the platform; there is no time limit to complete each course.

To apply for the SST Card candidates also must complete the OSHA 30 Training course. On successful completion of the 62 hours of training required by the NYC DOB, students will qualify for their Supervisor Site Safety Training Card. This course includes the cost of the Supervisor SST Card, provided that your OSHA 30 training is current and has been verified by the safety training provider.

NYC SST 4 Hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher (Online course)

The NYC SST 4 hour Supported Scaffold User & Refresher Online course is a requirement for any individual who wishes to work on or use a supported scaffold in NYC. This site safety training course will cover basic elements and introduce students to the nature of supported scaffold hazards. During this SST course emphasis is placed on the role of the scaffold user in accident prevention, which includes scaffold inspections, fall protection, recognizing hazards, and responding to emergencies.

NYC SST 8 Hour Fall Prevention (Online course)

The NYC SST 8 hour Fall Prevention Online course is designed for construction personnel in NYC and covers important information on fall hazards including how to avoid and prevent fall-related incidents. A review of regulatory safety requirements associated with falls and decision-making when working at heights is also part of the curriculum.

So, don’t delay – with online courses offered through


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