Turkey platform exhibition aims for international status

Platform Gunleri 2023 Platform Gunleri 2023

Turkey aerial platform exhibition Platform Gunleri 2023 was held in September with the aim of making it an increasingly international event. 

Owned by MEWP association Platformder and organized by Hybrid Communications, the third edition of the show, which ran 21-23 September, was officially supported by IPAF and included 28 exhibitors over a  5,000 square metre area. 

Saruhan Günaydın - Platformder Saruhan Günaydın, Chairman of the Board, Platformder

According to research carried out by Platformder at the end of 2022, there is an estimated 23,000 aerial platforms operating in Turkey through rental companies and end users. While the MEWP population in Turkey amounts to15 platforms per 100,000 people in the country,  Germany, which is the closest European market in terms of human population, has 65,000 aerial platforms per 100,000 people. This, said, Platformder, means the market in the country is set to grow by more than five times its current size. 

Platform Gunleri 2023 took place in an open area of 5.000 square meters with the participation of 28 companies. The three-day event was the center of attention of visitors and viewers with new products, product launches, special campaigns, competitions, seminars, trainings, enjoyable activities and social media live broadcasts.

Saruhan Günaydın, Chairman of the Board of Platformder, said the three-day show offered a range of product launches, seminars, training, a demontsration area and networking opportunites, and added it had been attended by both Turkey-based and major international OEMs. “Platformder, which has been taking firm steps towards becoming the only specialized association of the sector since its establishment, continues to create added value for the sector.

“Platform Gunleri 2023, which we organized for the third time this year, has been the best example of the added value we have created for the sector and has already made significant progress towards becoming an international event.” 

Opening a separate parenthesis for IPAF in the last part of his speech, Mr. Günaydın said; “I would like to thank IPAF, our international solution partner who has always supported us, through Mrs. Romina Vanzi. with this event, we are opening a new page with IPAF in Turkiye”.

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